Future Love Dreams (Will He Come?)

I believe my prince will come

But when will that be?

When will he sweep me off my feet?

Finally, I'll be coming over my defeat.

He will act,





Like a prince.

He will be the perfect guy for me,

He will be the one for me,

How could this be?

He will whisper sweet nothings in my ears

Say he's been waiting for me all of these years.

Write love letters just because he loves me so,

He enscribes, "I will go,

But, I will be back."

He will defend me,

You'll see

He will risk his life for me, just for me.

To see that I am safe from harms' way,

And he says,

"I would do anything and everything for you."

Is it true?

Will my dream come true?

Is the sky blue?