Kari Patta

Crumbling statues of prophetic poise
glare intently, serenly, to the great beyond
as religious revelers stand in awe,
cinnamon and anise waltz along the wind.

Temples in ruin lie desolate
and unshapely in their cracking state.
Vines molest the once-pristine structures
clinging to their newfound home with pride as
White tigers play softly among pearl Jasmine,
those intruding vines tickling their luxurious pelts.

Shadows of the setting sun
and careless sleep within the face
of exhausted cats glimmer vaguely
along the reflective domes and spires
that portrude deep into the sky.
Trees caress one another lovingly
and nature is one.

Men with pepper ambition
survey with greed --
a tropical paradise
for a bustling city-state.

A bitter sacrifice.