She kisses her pen until her mouth is
Ink stained black tucking papers
Into pockets so her poetry words can
Fade into the fabrics of her skin

She dreams about little boys that
Hold her cold and weary hand whispering
Symphonies from piano keys so when she
Drifts into her awakened state melodies
Still sing sad love songs in her ear

She lights candles and dips her fingers
Into the hot wax like her mother
Always taught her not to so she can
Have no identity and smooth the crevices
That plagues unlovely fingertips

She scribbles and scratches words onto
Blank pages as she lies in an empty
Bathtub so the phrases will flow
And sink into her bloodstream as inspiration
Wraps around each cell and overtakes
Each vain so her heart is just a poem
With words rushing through keeping her alive

She sips on teabags as her tongue drinks
In intoxicating flavors of lustful starlight
And broken dreams woven together with
Not really red strands of hair that reflects
Copper pennies in the sunlight and twist
Around her fingers when she thinks deep

She dares not to be beautiful and makes
Invisible marks across her lips and cheeks
So no pretty face can shine and she is
Simply mediocre as she slides hands down
Her bumpy nose dotted with miniature freckles

She embraces freedom of failure and
Dives into her mistakes so she can almost
Drown in the rain clouds of her life but
Sunbeams always seem to cradle her right
As her lungs break through so she is suddenly saved

She lives for curiosity and mystery of
Boys she'll never truly understand with
Shallow words and ancient souls that dig into
Her very being until circular droplets rise
To meet pale skin and red flowers stain white flesh

She chases fantasies into the desert and
Rides the windstorms drinking sand like
Water and kissing poison as she
Breathes in what doesn't exist never
Content in not knowing why

She reads people like murder novels
Tracing her fingers doing the lines of their
Lives so she knows each characteristic
Of their souls and giggles as she finds
The weak points where they went
Around the puddles instead of jumping in

She almost always pretends she is ok
Even when she knows she isn't so no one really
Knows how gone she is lost in her insanity
Watching spider-silk clouds float across her
Stars she never really claimed but she
Somehow just belongs to them

She holds onto imaginary ideas like having
Her very own soul mate and breathing
Dreaming inlovewithher boys that
Taste like grapefruit and energy drinks
And smell like freshly cut wood with
Moonlight dew sprinkled in their hair

She never cries because her eyes turn
Stained glass blue and everyone could
See right through her so she lets the
Sky weep and drinks in it's refreshing
Tears until her sorrow is quenched
And she dries in the sunlight finally empty