haha. sometimes there's no point to sex.

Our Lips Say 'No' When Our Heads Say 'Why Not?'

There's desperation there

And it's disgusting.

This should be amazing, awe-inspiring


But it's flesh against flesh

And lazy, hurried movements

And it couldn't be worse.

Not because this isn't how it should be.

But because there is a way it should be.

And it never is.

Breath on breath on breath

And lips on shoulder,

Teeth on skin.

Rip the skin,

Just tear it open.

With you here I don't want to be inside it


Because it's hopeless,

Almost boring,

And it's all I can do to keep myself

From throwing you

Off me.

But you wouldn't go very far,

And we'd be back,

Doing the same old thing

In less time than your basic quickie.

And I'd be bored again

And disgusted

And feel sullied

And unusual.

And you'd just laugh

And I would smile.

And we would do it all over again.

(Maybe next time we'll give the pool a try.)