The problem with being 17 is that sometimes your judgement isn't great. Now Jadam can be as much of a grown-up as he wants to be, but when he gets an idea, he usually won't stop until it happens. He's sure that that is exactly what happened with Cassidey. Anyone who didn't think Cassidey wasn't wonderful, along with sexy... was probably crazy. That was Jadams logic. It really wasn't that complicated to understand, if you were in Jadams mind... but Buddy, along with everyone else in the world was NOT in Jadams mind. So, when it came right down to it, no one knew why, on the way to rescue Mio, he suddenly had a urge to be attached to Cassideys lips. Maybe even at that particular time, HE didn't even know why he suddenly had that urge. And well, going along with being 17 and Jadam... he WANTED to do what he did... and well, got what he wanted. Time for guilt would be later... after he realised he was attached to Cassideys lips and no matter how much he yelled at himself that it was a mistake... these were NOT Buddys lips.

The incident being over with, and wonderfully, Mio being home safe again it was time for guilt to sink in. The gnawing on his consious made him go directly to the one he cared for the most. Now Buddy is not simple minded, nor slow nor stupid... Just, himself. So, when Jadam showed up at his loft in tears he was concerned... as any boyfriend would be. Jadam was as honest as he could be with entire thing, skipping most internal monologue as it had happened, and why he had picked such a time to kiss other boys.

So again, with Buddy... being Buddy, he wasn't sure what to make of such an incident. Sure, Jadam had been completely honest, coming right to him, knowing he was wrong. Sure. So, the thought of forgiveness ran through his mind quickly before being shot mentally with atleast 3 differnent hand guns... and quickly turned to dust, or in this case, hurt. There were no words, just a hand on Jadams shoulder, a kiss that was cold and the hurtful sigh of the door as Buddy pulled it open and motioned for the crying Jadam to leave.

There were no words, only understanding. Jadam left, feeling lighter... maybe that was just the emptyness because his love probably didn't love him anymore.

See, the problem with being 17 is that sometimes... you're not sure if anything is worth it.