You know those days where you wake up and just know you should give up right then and go back to sleep? Well…as most teenagers in America would probably agree…lately my entire existence has been a constant series of these days. The councilor my sister sent me too says it should wear off in a matter of time…that was about two months ago.

Despite that I manage to get out of bed and grab the subway to school just fine almost every day. Today is no different.

Therefore, sighing ever-so slightly, I entered my Physics classroom relatively silently with the book I had been reading tucked tightly under my arm; precautious despite the fact that I knew I would be the only one there for another twenty minutes. Even beating the teacher, Mr. Bryant who preferred to have the janitor unlock the door early for me instead of showing up and having me patiently waiting…and usually asleep…outside his door…sometimes it was nice having teachers pity you.

Quite seriously; ever since the crash, I haven't been punished for being tardy, I've been allowed to sit in the back with no question or even been bullied. And for someone of my size and social stature, that was saying something.

I sighed again and moved to my assigned seat in the front corner by the windows, almost two months of special treatment was pushing it, I mentally begrudged myself. Opening my book and adjusting my glasses, I settled into my seat until the rest of the class entered, sufficiently getting in the never-ending soap opera of my book.

I sat there silently, fully engrossed in the pages in front of me until being pulled forcedly from my comfortable world of fantasy relationships and happy endings.

"Hey kid, what the hell are you doing in my seat?!" Blinking I looked up into the startling bluish eyes of Chris Graves, the second most popular senior in the school. "Kid? What the fuck, answer me or get the hell off your ass!" He grabbed my arm and pulled me up. I cried out in pain unwillingly, knowing that it was pointless to do so. Suddenly I just wanted to return to the isolated seat in the back I'd been sitting in since the fifth day of school.

"Chris, let him down, it's his seat." Tyler Kimbal's voice broke through the haze that still surrounded me, my mind still stuck in the world of cheating lover's and cheesy make-ups that my book had taken me to. Kimbal threw his books on the desk next to mine with a movie-star smile at me, that I suppose was supposed to give me comfort. After a grunt I was dropped back into my seat and Chris was moving to the seat I had inhabited the past two months.

"Hey, you're Alex right?" He leaned back on his desk facing me, giving me a view of the toned chest that lay behind the white spandex shirt he wore.

"My names Tyler-" as if I didn't know the easily most popular senior at my school…and the most arrogant playboy as well-"-Try not to let Chris bother you; I'll protect you." He leaned more toward me in what I suppose was a 'seductive' manner.

"I don't need your protection, and I hope you don't expect a thank you." I glared into his ice-colored eyes over my glasses and opened my book again. Just because he was good looking didn't mean he could do whatever he wanted.

His eyes widened and his smile turned to a smirk, some of his black hair falling in his eyes, only adding to what little appeal he had. "Anybody ever tell you you're cute when you're being defensive?" He leaned in more, casting a shadow over me and my desk.

"No, and you used that line on Kerry Raid last week." I said distractedly turning back to my book. I swear I heard him smirk before my head was wretched back by a painful grip on my hair and Kimbal's mouth possessively on mine.

"Mr. Kimbal! Mr. Jacobs! Separate at once!" Oh, shit fuck. I jerked as much as I could and lifted my hand to claw at the wrist that was attached to the hand that had my chin-length hair in a death grip.

As Kimbal pulled away several girls in the room glared at me with malice; resulting in me glaring back at them just as cruelly. "Care to explain Mr. Kimbal?" Mr. Bryant demanded his hands going to his hips in a feminine fashion.

"Sorry sir, Alex and I just had a fight; I just wanted to make sure he wasn't still upset with me. I was so worried you know." He towered over Mr. Bryant easily with his at least 6'3 form. "But we deserve study hall detention don't you think?" Kimbal pressed, leaning further over him, this time in intimidation versus the would-be seductive way he leaned over me.

Bryant looked to be taken by surprise by Kimbal's forwardness but ended up stuttering anyway. "Why, yes I believe that's a splendid idea. Meet in my classroom next hour."

Tyler smirked at me, before taking his seat, running his foot along mine occasionally...and making me think, and not for the first time, that whatever entity there was hated me with a passion.

After class, he somehow he convinced Bryant that he had this urgent errand to run and just had to leave us alone together…arrogant prick.

"So, Alex Jacobs, huh?" Kimbal said conversely taking the same position he was in earlier against his desk.

I ignored him, not taking my eyes off the book I held in front of me, even though I couldn't seem to concentrate on it. I was missing my Advanced Chemistry II for this guy…the least he could do was leave me the fuck alone.

"What's wrong? You don't feel like talking?" He asked, trying again at conversation. I heard him sigh slightly at my blatant disregard towards him. "Damn it kid come on….you know you think I'm sexy."

Yes, he was, anyone with eyes could tell him that, what the fuck did it have to do with him talking to me? I ignored him again and turned to page of my book, even though I had yet to read the page before it.

He put a hand in my book, slamming it to the desk below it. "Look kid, I have a proposition." He paused slightly making me look up at him with what I hoped was a dull expression. "Will you date me?" He asked with a straight face, like he was making some sort of business deal.

My sarcastic comment died on my tongue.

"W-what?" Was all I could manage, how pathetic. I could feel my eyes widen and a mild blush start up from under my baggy dark blue shirt.

"See, the thing is I need to be dating someone for the next five months. My father's coming in from Madrid and he threatened to null my trust fund if I don't have a solid, steady relationship. I figured he'd approve of you, so please?" Holy shit, I think I'm shaking. He looked serious.

"This shit isn't funny Kimbal. Back off." I spat at him, pulling my book out from under his hand and standing up.

A look of slight fear stretched across his tanned face. "Wow kid, come on…I'm not fucking with you, I need this relationship!" He begged grabbing my arm when I attempted to march past him…I barely reached his neck…even more pathetic. I huffed at him and tried an experimental tug at the grip on my arm. "Kid, just think about it…I'm willing to beg."

I rolled my dark eyes and glared up into his pale ones. "Dude…come on I'm a guy." A gay guy, but a guy none the less.

"I know, but you're small, and really smart. He'd approve, you can't get pregnant and he could actually hold a decent conversation with you. I mean you're in Senior AP Physics and you're what fifteen?" His voice was getting impatient already.

"Sixteen, I'll be seventeen in July." I responded automatically, before he could continue, a fierceness entering my voice as I all but spat at him.

"Really? Even better, anyway, look we wouldn't have to fuck and I'd still sleep around but it would have to be like we're actually together. Holding hands, kissing, you'd go to parties with me, all my games; the works." He finished and just stared at me awaiting my reply, and not once loosening the grip on my arm.

I stared back at him, his ice-gray eyes making my plain hazel-brown feel plainly inferior in compare. He was attractive; of course he was, with his deep black hair and mid-tone skin. I suppose we would look half-way decent together. With him clearing six-three it put my five-six to five-seven self around his shoulders, my light brown hair and pale skin balancing out his mid-tone and coal black, But yet-

"What's in it for me?" He looked surprised by my question, what did he honestly expect me to just do it for free? Really, I'm anti-social, not noble…never mistake emotion for lack of opportunity to truly not care. I wasn't going to just agree to this because he batted his eyelashes.

"Well, you'd be one of the most popular guys in school…nobody would dare touch you, or upset you. You'd have popularity coming out your ears. I'd treat you like we were actually dating. Which is pretty damn good treatment, let me tell you." He persuaded, pulling me slightly closer to him and giving me a whiff of the Tag he put on this morning.

I continued to stare, I didn't want to be popular, but Kayla's shrink was pushing me for more social interaction and I really had nothing better to do so…

"I'll do it."


I was woken up the next morning by non-other than my new pseudo-boyfriend...leaving me to later wonder how the hell he knew where I lived.

"What the hell? What time is it?" I groggily sat up, my dark blue comforter falling around me and exposing my bare chest.

"Hey, your sister let me in; I'm going to dress you. And around five I guess." He called from his place in my closet, turning to face me with both hands full of clothes he appeared to be sorting through.

"What! Go home!" I shouted, throwing my pillow at him, not realizing him staring or really caring at the moment…it was five in the fucking morning!

"No, you're getting a make-over and I am bi dude, so cover up." His eye's roamed my naked chest, before throwing jeans I haven't wore in three years in my face and eliminating most of the clothes in his right hand. "Okay, wear those after you shower and I'll have a shirt when you're out." He turned back to my closet without a second glance…not that I was disappointed or anything…because I so wasn't. Why would I want an asshole like that check me out? Not that there was much to check out…

I sighed and took a quick shower, after which I spent the next five minutes jumping around my bathroom trying to squeeze into too-small jeans that I couldn't wear underwear with(and they made my ass look huge by the way)Before I walked back into the disaster area that was once my room. It appeared he had taken to just throwing my clothes across the room.

"What the hell!" I screeched at him, shutting my door so not to draw Kayla's attention.

"Oh, hey." Tyler said over his shoulder, his head still buried in my closet. "I found this black shirt in the-". He turned around and appeared to freeze, his eyes starting to roam me again. I watched has his gray-ice eyes followed a trail down my chest. I lowered my head to see what he was following and…oh holy shit I'm still wet.

He approached me, slowly via the mess he made, arms slowly outstretching. "Ty-Tyler?" I almost whimper as I backed into the wall, bumping slightly into my telescope and narrowly avoiding my bookshelf. He stopped maybe three inches in front of me, his head turned down toward me.

"What did I tell you about covering up?" His voice was deeper than usual and it sent shivers down my spine...or it would have, if I had found his voice even remotely attractive. "You keep this up and you'll have a problem you don't want to have to handle." Who said I don't what to handle-

I ripped the shirt from his hands and slid to the side, hitting my elbow on my shelf but not really caring in my haste to get out from under him, and threw it over my head…it was too small.

"Somebody will take care of whatever problem you have. And do I have to dress like this every day?" I looked in the mirror on my dresser and fidgeted with the hem of my shirt.

"Yes, dear." He said nicely, coming up behind me and grabbing my hair gel. Squirting some on his hands and running them through my hair, he smirked.

"You look hot."

I looked stupid. My hair was unruly, which I suppose is in style, but really just made the dull brown look unwashed. My clothes were too tight and my shirt was way too short, almost showing my belly button…but surprisingly it didn't make my look bad, just stupid.

"Is this really necessary?" I asked lifting my gaze to him in the mirror, but I froze half-way at the reflection we made. We looked hot. And judging by the look on his face, he thought so too. His hands started down from their place on my shoulders.

His hands ran over my arms and further to my waist before resting on my hips. His eye's found my reflected hazel and stayed there even as he lowered his breath to my open neck. He brushed his lips to the sensitive skin, making me weak in the knees. I felt him take an arrogant step forward before the front of his jeans was against my ass, his strong thighs against my slimmer ones. He groaned slightly, moving his right hand farther up my chest to pull me closer to him, while his left traveled even farther south.

My breath started coming shorter the farther down he got and he pulled me even closer, our eye's still locked on each others in the mirror. His hand got to where it was almost cupping me when my alarm went off, ruining the moment and crashing me back to Earth.

I watched as my eyes unclouded and widened before I was springing into action, jumping away from Tyler as if I just found out he was a leper and practically flinging myself on my alarm clock.

With the beeping over I just stood there, crouched over my alarm with vigor I haven't felt since before the accident almost two months ago, with that thought in mind I fell, guilt over-ridding me. My head dropped to my arms that created a hammock of sorts while my hands still clutched my alarm.

"Look, I'm sorry about that. I take complete blame…I just got a little carried away I guess…" He said in a voice that just told you he was rubbing the back of his neck. I ignored him, which is what he gets for being so arrogant as to think he has anything to do with my mini breakdown.

"Hey…you okay?"

I sprung up before he could decide fully what to do. "My alarm goes off about thirty minutes before the bell rings, so if you want to be with people before school starts we should leave now." My gaze sticks to the floor…purposely avoiding anything about him.

His eyes widened at my perfectly executed plan of 'pretend that moment didn't just happen' and he nodded, grabbing my bag from the desk he stood near and starting out my bedroom door. I sighed again and following at a slower pace.

"Bye Alex. Good to see you again Tyler." Kayla greeted us with false-cheer when we reached the bottom of the stairs. Her dulling blonde hair in a braid to the side, and old blue robe making her look to be more a forty year old woman than my nineteen year old sister.

But Tyler graciously didn't comment anything other than a quiet 'yea same here' as we quietly left the house, Kayla returning to her watching of the coffee ritual. I had almost forgotten the Kayla and Tyler would know each other…after all she was only a year above him and they were part of the same crowd.

Regardless the car ride to school was awkward and the quiet only broken when I asked where he planned for us to be when we got to school; for once I was glad to break the silence.

"Oh, we'll be hanging out with my jock friends, Chris and his current girl, Jack and Tina, Brad and Kristen and the rest of the football team of course." He rattled as if it were nothing…the prick was feeding me to the lions. "But now that you mention it, we have a few ground rules to set. Like rule one, don't talk to any of them unless they talk directly to you, just trust me it'll save you a world of problems. Rule two, you have to pretend that we've been secretly together for a while and you're madly in love with me. So that means you cling to me at every chance. Rule three; we have to kiss at least twice every passing period. Rule four-"

"Look, I get it, don't talk to anyone, make out with you constantly, and be permanently attached to you…like a leech." I spouted, crossing my arms and staring out the window…and not pouting.

I saw him turn to look at me, and squelching my instant panic, noticed the playful smirk on his face. "Holy hell, you're pouting aren't you?" He teased sounding proud of himself.

My not pout deepened "I'm not pouting. And keep your eyes on the road, you'll get us killed." I watched as the smile on his face deflated slowly his eyes clouding with thought, oh yes, it's awkward when I say things like that isn't it? "And don't think too hard. I don't want your brain on me when it explodes." I snip bringing his smile back, glad to cover up the awkwardness.

When we got out of the car, I was instantly wrapped in a warm embrace by my loving 'boyfriend' and pressed into his side has we approached the popular group's table outside of the school.

"Hey Ty, who's the slice?" Jack Flagstone, the starting center on our basketball team, lewdly checked me out…apparently completely unaware of Tina Reeder who was sitting on his lap…also lewdly checking me out. I bite my tongue as Tyler sat down laughing, pulling me between his legs after he got settled.

"Lay off guys, Alex is mine." He laughed out while prodding me in the ribs for my cold behavior. I giggled quietly making all the raised eyebrows fall again, writing me off as recently laid. I turned in my place and wrapped me arms around Tyler's neck bringing my face up to his.

"Tyler…" I whined lightly, making his eye's darken slightly…he raised an eyebrow at me. I pulled myself up more and tugged on his neck where my clasped hands lay. "Baby, please…" I only had to whine once more before he covered my mouth with his possessively, his tongue startling me by joining the kiss. He pulled away and kissed down my face to my ear that was facing away from the group.

"Moan." He instructed and I let out load groan from my throat, arching my back so that my chest rubbed sensually against his, perfectly aware of our audience and laying it on way thick. "Good boy." He whispered before pulling away from me again, smirking proudly.

I smirked in triumph has he pulled me in front of him to cover a certain problem he was having. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad…this whole dating the popular jock thing. If only he didn't treat me like a dog.