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Rae's POV

Justin and I had wide grins on both our faces the entire ride back to his house, and kept sneaking glances at each other, laughing when the other caught us. We probably looked like a disgusting teen movie couple.

Before we reached the street Justin lived on, he told me to pull off the road for a minute. I gave him a weird look, wondering what was up, but did as he requested. When the car was off, I saw Justin leaning across the seat, and felt him kissing me. It was light and soft and sweet.

We broke apart slowly, and I think I might've looked high with a ridiculous dreamy smile on my face. Justin laughed at me, and I remembered where we were going.

"What was that for?" I asked him, pleasantly curious.

"I wanted to kiss you before you dropped me off, but I wouldn't really be able to do it in my driveway," he pointed out with a smile.

"Well then." I leaned across the seat and pecked him quickly. "Let's get going," I said with a cheeky grin as he rolled his eyes.

Too soon, we reached Justin's house, and I pulled into his driveway. He grabbed his backpack out of the backseat and looked at me, squeezing my hand before he hopped out of the truck.

"Thanks for the ride. I'll call you tonight or tomorrow, 'kay?" he smiled shyly.

"Alright," I replied and pulled out of the driveway, waving before I took off to my house, bursting with happiness at what had happened. The others wouldn't believe it!


Justin's POV

I waved to Rae as he pulled out of my driveway, then turned and walked into the house. I had a slightly smug grin on my face. The look on Rae's face in the car was priceless! Mom was in the kitchen, again, when I walked in.

"Hey, Mom," I greeted her with a kiss on her cheek. She gave me a small smile as she started to prepare dinner.

"Why didn't you come home on the bus?" she inquired, chopping something.

"Oh, I left my gym clothes in my locker, and I would've missed the bus anyway, so Rae offered me a ride." My mom looked at me with what looked like an attempt at masking worry and suspicion.

"Was he a good driver?" I smiled and rolled my eyes.

"Mom, he was fine," I replied, thinking about the two meanings of that word in my head. "He was super cautious."

"Okay then. And don't forget to put those gym clothes in the hamper! You always leave them until Sunday!"

"Alright, Mom, I got it!" I called back, dumping the clothes in the hamper in the closet of our bathroom before I headed upstairs for a bit.

That night at dinner, we had the news on like usual. My family likes to discuss current events and stuff over dinner. Anyway, that particular night, a story about a Pride parade came up.

I watched the look on my parents' faces, and as Mom opened her mouth to say something, I reached for the remote and snapped off the TV. My parents both looked at me in surprise. My gut was churning, and I most definitely did not want to hear what my parents had to say about a Pride parade, not when I was-. ...God, I can't even say it yet.

"It just makes me uncomfortable." I mumbled to my lap, but caught my mother look at me sympathetically, before she started on a new subject. I feel sick, I think I just betrayed Rae, and myself. This is not going to be easy.

When I was back upstairs in my room, I was pacing, pondering my own questions. I was a Christian, and I really believed God had helped me through some bad times in my life. But would He hate me now that I was going to be with Rae? Oh man, would I have to choose between Rae and my religion? That wasn't even-

I sat on my bed as tears of frustration pricked at my eyes. Suddenly, the phone rang, and I absentmindedly picked it up, expecting it be a friend of my parents.

"Um, Justin?" a familiar, though uncharacteristically shy voice asked. My mood seemed to magically lift and all my confusion was pushed away.

"Yeah, what's up Rae?" I asked in a stupidly happy voice.

"I was just wondering if, um... well, if you'd like to come to my house after we all go out for food Sunday." My grin almost split my face apart.

"I'd love to!" I replied enthusiastically, then felt like a fool as I heard Lara squealing in the background and Rae trying to shut her up.

"Well, um great, it'll be awesome." Rae paused for a minute. "Ireallycan'twaittoseeyou," he said incredibly quickly, then hung up. I stared at the phone for a minute, then laughed. This kid- my boyfriend- was something else.


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