This is the third installment in the poetry series. I have been trying to make this a story. I mean, I got all the ideas in my head, I am just not good enough. (Of course I am comparing myself to proffessional authors, so go figure) Anywho, let me know what you think of the idea, and as always, enjoy and reveiw.

As the sweet angel wanders
In a world full of madness
She finds a young man
Filled up with sadness

Alone in this world
They both hold on tight
Each needing each other
In the black of the night

One born of purity
The other of sin
They both go on looking
In each, they believe in

The world all around them
Begins to pursue
Hounding and chasing
Their hate now renewed

Their dream to restore
What they each have lost
Is one full of struggle
It is one filled with cost

The Angels above
The humans below
The two in-between
Where will it go?