The horizon dimmed as the last traces of sunlight began to disappear into a fine line in the distance. In ways, it was as if the last bit of hope was vanishing, drowned out by the darkness and the sound of crashing waves.

On a cliff overlooking the moving shadows of the ocean, a girl stood with her eyes closed and hands clasped in prayer. With flowing black hair that blended into the approaching night and fluttered with the ocean breeze. She was a vision of awe dressed in a simple white gown, and against the fading sky like a painting drawn with only shades of black and white.

Alone she stood, praying in silence.

Her eyes closed, praying for the never returning light.

Her hands clasped, praying for the new world.

Her prayer to block out the screams of the people.

A prayer for memory, even though it will not be erased, and will haunt her soul for eternity.

Oblivious to the sound of running footsteps fast approaching, she opened her eyes; her dark brown eyes that glistened with an unshed tear. Tears that upon catching the last glimpse of sunlight, spoke of a million sorrows.

As the last sunset ended, the beginning of night was no longer quiet.

Even when they found her, she didn't scream.

While in the eternal night, the only remnant of her prayer was the brilliant crimson of blood on white chiffon.