Gold to the Cold

Is your sweet, soft core happy?
That sweet, soft core that can't handle the
When the shadows move in for their kill
Do you shiver, tremble?
Can you remember?
It was as if sunshine brought in heat in our company
Arms wrapped within each other
It was like being a Goddess with such love
It was like everything you touched turned to gold
I was your gold
But after all that
I'm noting but coal
To you
Your whispers are like shrill screams now
Your touch, I hardly remember
Your lips
Well, what do they feel like, again?
Those icy blues,
Your icy blues
That made it so hard for me to look into
I could hardly hold the gaze
I got lost
I felt faint
Weak in the knees
Shivers up my spine
Quivered like a child,
I did
Is your, sweet soft core happy now?
Do you share your icy blues and trembles
With another, now?
Am I just a black, cold hole in your distant
Memory, of the forgotten ones?
Am I forgotten
Sweet holder of those icy blues
My, old icy blues
It doesn't matter
But I revealed my cold unto you
And you were icing up
Couldn't bare the cold
Even though I was your gold
You just couldn't bare the cold
And so you sold your gold to the cold