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Many things happened in those few months. I tried my best to tell you the full story, but some things I couldn't remember, and others were simply too precious to share.

I suppose you want to hear the happy ending now.

Don't laugh; there is one.

After the last agency headquarter was shut down, my father quit his job as an agent, and decided to join my mother in her endeavors to open a furniture shop. They have now opened a shop designing sofa sets, and sofa sets alone. Surprisingly, business is pretty good.

About the half-a-million dollars they earned, Spencer got it all. It wasn't really a question among us. Ethan was rich already, and the rest of us simply didn't need it. Spencer sent Olivia to school straight away, and things began to look up for his family. Spencer's parents forbade him to do anymore body-guarding business, but it was all good, since he didn't need to.

He spends a lot of time recently holed up in his room, poring over his work. I heard that he got a lot of Justin's notebooks, and Spencer says, between the both of them, he was going to come up with something that would change the world.

I, for one, believe him.

I finally met the mystery girl Hazel, and when I visited them in France, she wanted to know every little detail about the past few months. She was impressed by all of us, and Stephen obviously proved himself. She saw the purple-gem necklace around my neck, and upon hearing the story, demanded that Stephen got her one to compensate. Two weeks later, I heard they were going down to Vancouver to visit the Sullivans.

Stephen smiles a lot around her.

What Ethan is doing may or may not surprise you. His parents split, and after a couple of years his mother remarried. He went to live with his sister in London, and studied history and music. He plays the violin freakishly well now, and is one of the most sought-after soloists for orchestras and performances.

Ethan still talks about Justin every time we meet, sometimes gently, sometimes a little sharper, but always fondly. I know Ethan can never get rid of that ache, the one that all of us have, like a biting hole in our hearts, but I'm proud of Ethan, and I wouldn't ever want any of us to forget Justin.

Justin. I wish I could tell you what he is doing, unfortunately, I don't know. We, surprisingly, have photographs, and I have a photograph of him, us, sitting on my desk. In the picture, he's smiling, a genuine smile. Wherever he is now, I hope he's smiling like that.

I can never explain to you what that kiss meant, all those years ago. I cannot forget the sparks and butterflies, but we never got to investigate it further. Still, I don't try and fool myself into thinking we had something, even though we could have had.

"Eri!" a voice calls, and his mirror-image approaches me, smartly dressed in a suit. Ethan's holding flowers, and he looks unfairly handsome. I can't help but wonder if he's dating anyone at the moment, but I know he came alone today. Diane had been talking about it all morning.

Stephen, beside him, is dressed similarly, but there's a white flower pinned to his breast-pocket, and his smile is so wide it's infectious.

Someone materializes beside me, as stealthy as ever. "Little Sef, all grown up!" he says, extending a hand to Stephen in congratulations.

Sometimes I think that if my father never hired them as bodyguards, I would never have gotten into all that trouble. I even think I might have escaped the year unscathed, without people drawing attention to me, or trying to put me up as bait.

Yet, I wouldn't change a thing.

You see, I have a new theory now, and this one I'm sure is correct. Despite it all, I know now: we all have our happy endings, if we only wait our turn.

And this story, five years after it began, ends with a happily-ever-after.





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