Forgiveness and Love (Heaven)

Heaven is a place where I go when I daydream,
Where he is waiting for me.

With His arms wide open,

He embraces me, with no hatred.

He loves me for who I am,

Not for what I have done.

Just for saying those simple words,

I am forgiven for life.

"Jesus, please, forgive me for my sins, for everything I have done. I love you."

He accepts it, because I am His child, the one of many he loves.

I love Him too,

I will always, whatever I do.

I think of Him constantly up there,

And, I just gaze up there, and stare.

What a wondrous thing has happened to me,

To be forgiven and loved, always to be.

What did I ever do to deserve this kind of treatment?

Doesn't He have resentment?

He sits up in Heaven and looks down,

He never has a frown.

Because He loves us.

For us.