What is it What Is It?

Its like a song being played
But without words to follow
It's like music in our hearts
But only few will listen

The words that I give it
Pale in comparison to its true meaning
A dance occasionally with no rhythm
Sometimes.. without rhyme

It is like emotion given life
Given breath over time
It's always here within us
Speaking with our souls and our minds

I am a child overwhelmed by its beauty
Who can only guess at its words
Let alone figure out its meaning

Not meant to be understood
Only wishing to be heard

It challenges my barriers
It doesn't set restrictions
Or ask for a reason

So long as I let it dance in my heart
And sing songs in my mind

It is an art without a true form
Its appearance always deceiving
You never know what to look for

So when you hear it
Answer its call
You may not know it
But it is the artist within us all.


A/N: Hi guys ^_~ this poem has gone through so many changes its not even funny. It was originally just a poem describing a poem (gee how original *sarcastic). now, well; I really don't know its bits and pieces of artistry, writing, and musings. (It's a Picasso ^_^) anyways, tell me what you think k?