The library was quiet like usual, as the two librarians were both rather strict in their rules. The male librarian was on duty now, reading a book at the desk, his black hair in a severe knot at the back of his head. Haneul silenced his 'aha' at the last moment, tugging a book free from its shelf. Noting the cover with satisfaction, he walked back over to the reading area, some distance from the front desk and the book stacks. Setting his find on the table, he pulled his brother's chair a few inches away from the edge and sat down on his lap, taking up the book again once he was settled.

Iseul did little else to acknowledge his twin other than release a quiet sigh as he shifted slightly to get comfortable. His attention was, like always, completely detached from Haneul and instead latched onto the black-haired librarian. He subtly watched said librarian from the corner of his eye, and sometimes turned his head for a better look, but never stared dead-on so that it was obvious.

Haneul glanced at the front desk and rolled his eyes before opening the book, leaning back against Iseul's chest as he began to read.

Iseul rested his head against Haneul's shoulder and secured his arms around his twin's waist, more out of habit than anything else. And in this position, his head was turned in a way that gave him a nice view of the librarian.

Haneul smiled to himself, stroking Iseul's arm absently as he read the first chapter of the novel.

After a moment, Iseul sat back and nudged Haneul's side. "Up. I'm gonna go find a book," he whispered, completely ignoring the small pile of books he already had on the table. They were mostly from the Science-Fiction section, which was very near to the front desk.

Haneul grudgingly got up, stretching his legs out before perching on the side of the table not covered in books to continue reading.

Iseul slid from the seat and headed towards the Science-Fiction section (again, and probably unknowingly), but turned into a new row rather than returning to his usual haunt. He browsed the titles disinterestedly, and stayed close to the end, so as to peer around it, pretending to explore the books on the other side. It didn't strike him that he was in the Sex and Relationships aisle.

The librarian, Xue, turned a page in his book. He had one elbow resting on the desk and the book in his lap, thin glasses occasionally sliding down his nose to be pushed back into place soon after.

Iseul spent a while lingering around the shelf's end like a bee around its nest (garnering many a stare from the few passersby that there were), and at length pulled one down at random. He wandered back over to his and Haneul's table and added his newest book to the pile before scooping them all up. There was an excited gleam in his mahogany eyes, and just by looking at them you could tell his heart was beating fast. "I'm going to check out," he said quickly and quietly, before turning and walking back up to the desk. It was unfortunate that he was too distracted to check the title of his newest book, which was: Blow Him Away: How to Give Him Mind-Blowing Oral Sex. Why it was even in a school library to begin with was beyond the scope of rational thought.

Xue's eyes flicked up at the movement in his periphery, and he slipped a bookmark into his book as Iseul approached. In a quiet, toneless voice, he said, "Card?"

Iseul was slow in responding, mostly due to the fact that he was busy staring at Xue, but the spell was quick to pass. He set his books down, reached into his back pocket to pull out a worn canvas wallet, and fumblingly made to retrieve his card. In his haste, he pulled out more than he'd intended, and a small photograph fell out along with a few paper bills. Iseul 'eep'ed as a blush crept across his face, scrambling to gather his things up again and return them to their place. He was slow enough, however, that anyone within visual range could have seen the very flattering picture of Xue, in which he looked as if he didn't know he was being photographed.

Xue's expression remained impassive as he scanned Iseul's card and passed it back to him. The books he turned over and scanned one at a time, stamped, and then desensitized. He paused on one of them and read the title before stacking it with the other books and pushing them all across the desk to Iseul.

Iseul had managed to will his blush away, and, returning his wallet to his pocket, he smiled as his books were given to him, still oblivious to their titles. He tucked a strand of his caramel-blond hair behind his ear (a nervous gesture) and thanked Xue before slowly gathering the books into his arms and turning away. He sighed to himself once his back was to Xue and started his airy walk towards the table. All the way, flowers and green, green grass might as well have been sprouting in his wake for all the happiness he exuded.

Xue watched Haneul greet Iseul for a moment before returning to his book. Haneul smirked amusedly at Iseul and asked him, "How did it go?" in a whisper.

Once he'd dropped his books onto the table, Iseul smiled blithely and daintily sat himself sideways on Haneul's lap, an action that could only be produced by some sort of high. Wrapping his arms around Haneul's neck, he swayed slightly and replied in the same whisper, "Wonderfully!"

Haneul slid his arms around Iseul's waist and gave him a short kiss on the lips. "It certainly seems that way. What did you check out?"

Iseul made a face and wiped his lips with the back of his hand, but the smile couldn't stay away. He shrugged with a backwards glance at his pile. "Books..."

Haneul looked over Iseul's shoulder, letting out a snort and reaching for the top book. He had to take one arm away from Iseul to cover his mouth, which didn't quite banish all of his giggles. Once he was slightly recovered, he said, "I can't believe you checked this out! Did he do anything?"

Iseul looked curiously at the book, and upon glimpsing the title promptly turned at least three different shades of pink, each one successively darker, his eyes wide. "Oh, gods, I... no, he didn't! Oh, ah... oh...oh, oh, oh..." Dismayed, he covered his face with his hands and made a few more humiliated moans that sounded vaguely like words, namely profane swearing. One intelligible thing he managed, though, was, "Oh, lightning, if ever you planned on striking me dead, please do it now!"

Haneul put the book back on the stack, hiding his laughter in Iseul's shoulder as he wrapped his arms back around his brother and hugged him. "Oh, man... that's rich. I'm sorry, Iseul, but it is pretty funny."

"I'm glad that you take pleasure in my misery." Iseul sighed and dropped his hands, though his face still burned slightly. He sat on Haneul, looking for the world like he wanted the ground to open up and swallow him whole. But after a minute of this wallowing, he cracked smile and laughed a little. "I guess it is...pretty funny." He giggled a bit more and patted Haneul's back. "You can take the book; you'd probably put it to more use than me."

Haneul snorted. "Why, thank you." He patted Iseul in return, then giggled a little again. "I wish I'd been there to see it! Oh, man... I need to write that down so I don't ever forget."

Iseul shrugged, smiling still. "He didn't do anything, like I said, but he- oh, he did pause...when he was scanning it, I guess, but other than that..." He shrugged again as he swung his legs a little. "I'm sure you won't forget. It's too precious blackmail material," he said, eyebrows rising a little.

Haneul continued giggling. "I wonder what he thought! I bet he's noticed you staring at him at least once, since you do it all the time. Hee hee! Yes, I won't forget."

Iseul sighed and said, "Do you really think he's noticed?" with a skittish glance at the front desk.

"Well, if he's blind I suppose he might have possibly missed it. He does wear glasses." Haneul patted Iseul's back again.

Iseul sighed again, wistfully, and smiled slightly. "He wears them well, though." He spared the front desk another, longer glance as he slid off Haneul's lap. He picked up the camera case that was lying on their table beside his books and hung it off his shoulder, then gathered up the books themselves. "So, got any hot dates tonight?" he asked his brother.

"Well..." Haneul picked up his own book and stood, glancing down at it as if deciding whether or not to check it out. "Mark asked me out again, but he's not very good in bed... He's very sweet though."

"Hmm...sweet's good. Bad sex is...not." Iseul leaned back against the table, a small smile on his face. "Did you say yes?"

Haneul sighed. "I haven't decided yet... I will probably say yes because I don't want to hurt his feelings, but then I'd be stringing him along... Ah, I don't know. What do you think?"

"Well, I don't think stringing him along'd be a smart idea. If I were him, I'd prefer to have my feelings hurt, rather than crushed in the long run, you know?" Iseul adjusted his books in his arms, thinking. "Then again," he said slowly, "you never know... something could happen. You did say he was sweet; maybe you'd wind up really liking him, if you gave him a chance."

Haneul sighed again. "You're right.. And he could always get better with practice. I do kind of like someone else, like I told you before, but it would never work out. Maybe I'll go out with Mark again and see what I think this time."

Iseul smiled. "Yeah, you told me... but you wouldn't tell me who." He nudged Haneul's shin with his foot. "Your own blood. For shame." Tsking, he shook his head and pushed away from the table. "Well, good luck with Mark. He deserves a chance."

Haneul smiled and gave Iseul a peck on the cheek. "Thank you for the advice. Good luck with your librarian." Snagging Iseul's accidental book, he waved and exited the library, slipping his other book into the book drop as he went.

Iseul shook his head as he watched Haneul go, and then left the library himself, only to find a place nearby the window where he could sit and stare at Xue through it.