Icy Blues

Annoying scratch of pain in my head
Much like that of a cat thrown against a chalkboard
Trying to claw its way to the top
Only to fall, screeching against the backboard
Agony, what a shrill siren to my ears
In my head
Constantly, when my thoughts are of you
You and that stupid, sly
Smile of yours
Remember when you'd flash it, to me?
For now, I bet if you were to look at me
(If you'd look at me)
Those Icy Blues of yours, they'd probably glare
Glare with a burning, fire of disgust
At the one you once, loved
(If it was love,
Was it love?)
For the one, you touched with such sweet embrace
Much like a sweet, rain
In the summer of a hot day
Just a sweet, gentle rain
To wash away the humidity from our bodies
If you had to touch me now,
Well, I bet you would shudder
And stutter, not with shyness
But with repulsion
I'm a loathed object
Remember when you picked me up,
And I was a broken doll with dust covering my eyes
You picked me up,
Dusted me off –
Shined me up
You made me shine
Shine, baby, shine
Well, I don't think you'd even put me in
Your attic now, of broken, unused thoughts
I'm not worthy of even that
Now when I think of you,
All I get is that annoying, painful screeching in
My ears,
From thoughts
You, in my thoughts
I see in my head,
Like my own private theatre
Those Icy Blues,
Your Icy Blues,
And they burn a hole, in the screen
Of my private theatre
The screeching commences
It paralyzes me
Glues me in my place
All but one action is stopped
My sensory of emotion
My Dull Browns,
They begin to leak

How did I ever think
I was worthy of your Icy Blues…