Why are your eyes the clearest shade of
Summer sunset blue with flecks of
Ocean wind dancing in those lifeless
Optics across my blotchy cheeks as they
Fade into unflattering colorful bruises
Of bloodshot pink and tongue tied red you
Think they belong to you when you
Broke the silence with compliment kisses

Why are my eyes dully glancing at
Figures walking the streets thinking with
These worn out bookstore bluegray city
Lenses that don't look right but somehow
Fit who I think I'm supposed to be someday
Like an arsonist caressing the flames burning
Into the flesh of anything and everything I'm
Sighing wondering if I really believe my
Broken mouth when I whisper:

I don't love you anymore because
The sunshine dried up my infatuation
And my imagination got the best of who
I thought you could be with me by
Your side slipping my poetry fingers into
Those piano hands you don't seem to
Prize the way I do and I will never
Look into the stars and think of you because
It is all over now…it is more than finished

And when I break apart my lips and speak
Those words I want so badly to trust
What I say when I know I'm lying to my
Face reflecting images in a nearly shattered
Mirror graceless girl of sixteen doesn't know
What she wants anymore, doesn't know
What she needs anymore, doesn't know who
She is anymore because she's not who she used
To be
You've changed me