My Ecstasy

Clear blue profound eyes
And skin so soft and fair
Hair dark and beautiful
That was him

Slept in sweet reveries
But I was never reluctant to awake
To see his perfect smile lying beside me
His finger tips would lightly dance upon my bare skin
As I laid there and watched him
Smile at me

We were young and having fun
Shared memories beneath the stars
By the ocean, on the couch
Watching flickers of light and listening to things that didn't matter.
But we were so lost in the emotion,

Like sewed skins stretched and tightened
I would cry and scream if you were stretched too far
I envied those new pretty girls you were meeting
As you were entered into this whole new world
Forgot your girl, and ran to another.
No, you didn't want to believe it was dying inside
So you kept it hidden and continued to hurt me
But we were too young to comprehend,
The jealousy and obsession that we smothered one another in
It became too sickly
We became intolerant to the ecstasy
The feelings, the words,
The denial and confusion
All thrown up and excreted
Surged and left on the ground.