So what if you can see the darker side of me?

Maybe you should finally see the real me

and not just the mannequin that hangs on strings.

Maybe you should finally reach bravely forwards,

hold your breathe as you see the never-ending scars

that are present and that cover this ugly face.

Maybe you should look away because it's blinding,

the ghastly thing that you do behold, you can't stand it.

Maybe you should stare and gawk, can't believe

that someone could end up like this, filled with so many

blemishes and flaws that are her souvenirs from her past.

Maybe you should run away and never, ever return,

because you don't think you could stand to see this again.

Don't think you could stand to look this animal in the eye.

Maybe you should actually listen as I whisper softly

that I just can't escape this hell, this cage that has been locked.

Maybe you should take a closer glance at my mind

as the rage and angst boils up, overflows, and floods.

Maybe you should reach out and take my hand

and try and lead out of this living nightmare of a life.

Try and show me the way to a better, safer light.

Maybe you should push me farther into another corner,

leave me there and let me rot there, never to resurface again.

Maybe you can help me tame this wild beast that I have become,

help me put a collar on my bloody neck and tie my hand together.

Maybe you should try to understand that it's okay

to have a darker side of me.