Best Friend

She is the person I ask for answers when I need help,

When I think of a question, I yelp.

She knows she is a great friend,

Always be there without end.

With her big, beautiful dark eyes,

She always catches me by surprise.

Her advice is always the truth,

She is my little sleuth.

With her wavy hair and jeans,

She is normal, it seems.

She is unique and special to me,

Can't you see?

To me, she is the best friend I could ever ask for,

She heals me when I am feeling sore.

She is very bright and smart,

She sees me for the real me, right in my heart.

My friend is my best friend, always, and for an eternity, forever and a day, with me, in my heart.

Mi amiga es mi mejor amiga, siempre, y para la eternidad, por siempre jamás, conmigo, en mi corazón.