A/N- Just like for the Rose series in A Rose's Thorns, I've decided to make one like it too! Except this time, it's for Stomili (Story of My Life). Hope you enjoy!

Snippets of My Life

"It makes no sense. There is no way a kiss can wake someone up."

"Are you really a grade school student?"

Seven year olds Nanashi and Yuushi were arguing over Sleeping Beauty at the part where the prince had kissed Aurora (the princess) awake. Yuushi had said it was impossible for Aurora to be awake after he had kissed her. Nanashi was glaring at him. Even though she was smart enough to know that it wasn't possible, there were some classmates who still believed it was possible.

Their teacher only buried her face in her hands. This always happened during story time. What did she do to deserve this?

"Stop destroying other children's beliefs!!" Nanashi yelled at the other seven year old.

"They need to face reality!"

"Let them have their childhood until they're thirteen!"

'Are they really seven year olds?' the teacher wondered before going back to reading Sleeping Beauty, ignoring the argument the two were having in her classroom.