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Summary- The first meeting between two soon-to-be great friends.

Snippets of My Life

Nanashi scowled at the face that was staring at her. What did they see in him anyway? The young girl clutched the stuffed orange cat she held in her arms tighter, eyes narrowing at the face. His sparkling purple eyes staring at her mockingly; she knew it. She hated him already.

Five minutes in and she already wanted to kill him. No, torture him. Make him suffer.


Nanashi scowled once more and knocked him over by kicking him. She could hear him cry out in pain already. She smiled, although it was small. It gave her great joy.

"Nanashi-chan! Why did you do that?!" she heard her mother exclaim, surprised.

As innocently as a seven year old could, the small brunette blinked and looked up at her mother. "What? He was staring at me and Takara."

Her mother shook her head and wondered if it was a bad idea to buy a teddy bear for her daughter when she was still attached to the old stuff animal that was the orange cat in her arms called Takara. She just didn't want Nanashi to get ill.