Give me a reason,

I'm on my knees and I'm begging anything will keep me alive,

I'm treading water,

Your mind is stronger.


Your will is strong,

your heart is brave,

though sometimes I truly can't see how you have denied your grave.

Lonely eyes once did grace that face,

hopefully my love has filled that empty space.

Desperation sometimes starts to take hold,

stand solid, be true, and stay bold.

Not even I know all the fears or pain that you may still hold.

My statement to you,

your reasons aren't just few.

The look of false joy is your true weapon, is it not?

But from that what can they ever be taught?

Shine with your true intentions and decisions,

burn out the stars that can not compare.

For who else would dare,

to do as you?

Memories will come and go,

when they will,

you never really know.

Emotions block out your sense of right and wrong,

I may be the only one who knows you don't truly mean any harm.

Scars etched into your arm,

proof of your painful past.

Physical pain will sooner pass,

than that of your emotional attacks,

that usually linger and last.

I expect nothing of you,

only that you pay attention to what you do.

My promise to you,

As bright as the sun may be,

it will some day fade and burn out.

Constant change is this curse,

mingling with nothing and everything that is still sane.

Come to the unwavering protection that I hold out to you,

I can only say 'I helped you' if chosen for me to.

My caring thoughts are not enough I know,

to shield you from any of your foe.

I'll strive always,

even when we have our bad days.

I will stay by your side for as long as I breathe,

without you,

there is no life I can conceive.

Your mind once lost and eclipsed,

the person you once were is now falling back into the abyss.

It's time for us to let go,

to live without holding back,

even if we're under attack.

I promise to never leave,

I remain as long as you like,

for your joy is what gives me such great delight.

Here is where I stay and wait for you,

For now and forever,

my love for you with never wither.

Your reason,

if there should only be one,

the one that has shown no shun,

and realized that for me,

you are the only one.

-Ashli Sligar-