The silky soft fingers and golden light


Across the milky gray shadows of cloud

Surrounding green leaves

Newly budded,

Springing up from the earth.

Trunks of trees, gray and tall,

Flecked with brown…

Yellow flowers, flickering bright,

The torches of flowers in the night.

The grass is cold, green and alive

Breathing each time the winds sigh.

I see the stars, they are up there,

Twinkling forever in the misty air.

They smile and laugh, as their mother moon…

Shines down bright, on shadowed tree

That rises high

Above the earth bound humans,

up towards the sky.

Cherry blossoms, they fall down,

Velvet snow dancing along the ground.

Freeing blackness, darkness of night,

Surrounds me, loving me like

A blanket of one you love the most.

Now the wind sighs, and turns her head

Towards the south, now the north, now the west…

Skimming the earth as she roams, towards the sea…

Where there, over shadowed dune,

Rides the mighty mother moon.

Pulling waves up to the top

Of the sandy shore, and where it stops…

To caress the shells that skim and float









Driven by the sea in her majesty.

The sea, upon its gray blue head

Lies the shimmering sun, lying down to bed

To let us sleep and forget the past

And lets the stars play tag upon out laps.

Trees make their final salutation,

Waving branches at her intonation.

Weaving dreams and thoughts

To ease our passage into the nature

Of sleep and trees and the sighing wind

As it sings a soft lullaby.