Chapter 6

"Rae, this is crazy," Dante said again. "We don't even know if we have the right place." I jabbed the map with my finger.
"See here? This is a hot zone for vampire activity. Why do you think that is? Because vamp HQ is right smack dab in the center." I pointed to a large mansion on the map. No one ever seemed to know who lived there ever since the Leurer family mysteriously disappeared 2 years ago, which was right around the time the killings started. "We expected the Vampire Queen to be living in some sort of run down house or smelly sewer, not one of the nicest areas of town." I continued. "Of course that's where she is, we'd never expect it."

Dante looked at the map and finally nodded in agreement, grabbing his jacket and standing up. I tossed him my keys on the way out. "You drive."

Almost as soon as we were near the Leurer mansion, I knew it was the right place. My skin tingled as I sensed at least two dozen other vampires in the area.
"This is it," I told Dante.
"You sure?" I nodded. We got out of the car and walked closer, hiding behind some bushes. The house was four stories high, with large windows that had thick curtains draped across them. The garden was grown over with weeds, and there was a pool in the back that looked like it hadn't been cleaned in ages. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply, and as I did, I caught a familiar scent: Ellen.
"Get out of here," I ordered Dante. He began to protest, but I interrupted him. "Bring the car around back, by the pool." After a few more feeble protests, Dante left and I headed right in through the front doors. Three vampires waited in the main entrance, but none of them tried to stop me as I climbed the winding stairs; they wanted me here.
At the top of the stairs were hallways leading right and left, and large double doors. I pushed the doors open, and ended up in a great room with hardly any furniture other than a grand piano in the far side of the room. Human bodies littered the room, many of which were still alive, covered in puncture wounds where they'd been fed off of.

Straight ahead of me, standing in front of one of the large windows overlooking the mucky pool was the Vampire Queen, and in her arms struggled Ellen.
My veins turned to ice at the sight of Ellen, and suddenly I understood why the Vampire Queen had left us alive: she wanted me on her side. I had killed many of her best vampires, and she knew I would come in handy in a fight. What better way to get me on a human diet than to start with Ellen, someone who betrayed me, and whose death meant vengeance for my sister?
"Ah, the guest of honour," the Vampire Queen hissed. "I was beginning to think you weren't going to show."
"How could I miss my own party?" I retorted. Ellen struggled, but the Vampire Queen had a firm grasp on her, with one hand over her mouth, and the other holding her tied hands behind her back.
"Well, most of the food's gone," the Vampire Queen indicated the dying humans. "But I did save you one thing." She shoved Ellen over to me, and I grasped her by the shoulders.

"I was going to eat her myself," the Vampire Queen continued. "but you know, in light of certain... recent events, I thought that you might want to do the honours."

Ellen's pleading eyes drilled into mine and right then, I could see that she did not know whether I would kill her or leave her alive. I didn't know either.
Finally I broke her stare and looked back at the Vampire Queen. My fingers tightened on Ellen's shoulders, and with one last look at the Vampire Queen, I morphed and sunk my teeth deep into Ellen's neck.