Summary: In this world, having a fairy tale in REAL LIFE is… rather impossible. So why does my life slowly turn to one?! I never even asked to be kissed in my sleep!


Have you ever asked your parents and asked, "Mommy, Daddy? Are Fairy Tales real?" You ask innocently. So honest, so cute, so completely clueless of the sad, sad world beyond you. Well, in fact, I had asked that particular question to my parents.

They stared at each other for a few moments, and turned to me with an unreadable expression. And then… my Mother parted her lips, ready to say the answer from my innocent question.

"Fairy tale's shit."

Oh yes, my parents were very honest.

But of course parents would've said, "Fairy Tales are true if you believe in them." But considering that I'm fifteen, I'm just trying to be cute. So… Yeah.

"Clean up your room." My mother ordered me as I tried to butter her up with kisses. Alas, my mom seemed to be getting wiser each passing day! She wouldn't even fall for my little act of innocence… Funny, it worked pretty well last week.

"When your room's clean, you can get your ass out of the house."

Seriously, someday, I'm going to move out.

Anyway, today I was planning to go to the library… just so I could finish that thick, enormous, completely worthless book that my friend so desperately wanted me to read. Sad. But I had to do it… against my will, of course.

With the loud thumping noise ringing from my brother's room as my background music, I started to clean my room. Against my will.

Come to think of it, maybe my mom and my best friend are associates.

I mean really? We're living in a free country, people!


Anyway, tomorrow, I'm turning to a sophomore in high school. First day of school and oh joy! I get to meet the bitches, the effing teachers, and the territory of incapable assholes a.k.a Ivory High.

Crappy name, but hey! They weren't that creative.


Okay, so here I am, ready to go to hell… I meant, school, but what's the difference?!

Well, I walked towards school… for the reason that my parents won't even be considerate enough to give a ride to their precious daughter that unfortunately, broke her skateboard's wheel.

So much for the: "First day of school is fun, sweetie!"

The sun wasn't helping at all, too! Ugh, and to think the day was just starting. I tried using my handbag as an umbrella, but… no good, the sun won't let me have a wonderful morning. Drat it!

I groaned, and as if on cue, a black BMW drove and passed by me. I'm guessing that behind those wheels was a very conceited bastard.

Much to my surprise, the car stopped, just a few feet away from me. The windows rolled down, and a guy poked his head out. "Hey!" Oh yeah, conceited bastard it was! Give yourself a pat, sweetie, you're about to meet a jerk.

Or maybe a… a kidnapper?! A rapist! Okay, everything's all right, Sam. The guy might just be lost and going to ask for directions.

Okay, what were the possibilities and the plans!

If he asked for directions, say the wrong thing! Because he was a bastard. Okay, that's good. Do that.

But if he invites you to somewhere, don't accept because he's a stranger! Mommies always say not to talk to strangers. If you meet one and acts nice, YOU'RE DOOMED! (Yes, I actually listen to my parents when I was younger. Creepy.)

"Need a ride?" He asked with a proud grin.

Great. I'm dead.

But you gotta act calm, Sam! You gotta act calm! Don't panic. All you have to say is a polite, firm, no. Okay, say it. Saaay it! Oh wait, my shoe's untied.

I lowered myself and started to tie my shoelaces.

So… where was I?

"Um, miss? Need a ride?" Oh. Yeah.

Now's my chance. I just have to remember to be nice and say it politely.

"AAH!! NOOO!!" Good going, Sam. Real smooth.

He stared at me weirdly, and I can only think of one solution to solve this… RUN!

Okay, I know this won't be a very good impression towards me but hey! I won't be seeing him again anyway. Besides, better safe than sorry!

In a matter of minutes, I finally reached the school gates. Breathing heavily, I leaned on a wall nearby. I wiped my forehead with the back of my hand and… and… Oh man, don't tell me.

GAAAH!! I left my bag! My precious handbag! And I just bought it, too.

I sighed, defeated, it won't do me any good even if I turn back. The guy probably took it. NOOOOO!


I started to bawl incoherently by the wall. "No!! Sniff. My wallet! My cell phone! My iPod! My… My…" I gasped sharply. "Oh my God, my wallet!"

I groaned and slapped myself. Thinking of my dumb, naked, embarrassing baby picture in that wallet. I knew I should've burned it when I had the chance.

But there was nothing I could do anymore. I have to suffer the life of not having a cell phone and an iPod. It was a sad, cruel world.

And the passers by staring at me as if I was crazy were very unnerving. I'm never gonna live it down.


I sat on the rooftop of the school, leaning on the wall beside the door. I still couldn't believe all my most priced material possessions had been stolen easily by a guy!

Although, I have to admit, the guy was hot! I would've accepted if I haven't acted like a paranoid. Still, I can't forget his face. He had deep blue eyes… I swear it would be my favorite shade of blue!

He has pale skin that went well with his eyes. And oh, that enthralling smile revealing the perfect set of pearly teeth! He was the perfect model of perfection.

But he was still a bastard! A conceited jerk!


The bell rang, lunch's over. Hmm… guess I'll skip class today. It was just homeroom anyway! Won't do me any good, too.

All of a sudden, I felt drowsiness overcome me. I yawned, my eyelids turned heavy. The urge of sleeping reached my system. Though, I can't help but feel the sense of foreboding. It was as if… something bad would happen when I fall asleep.

Too bad, drowsiness won over foreboding.

Slowly, my eyes closed, my final view was the cloudless skies above.


Consciousness slipped upon me, feeling a warm breath waft over my lips. I tried to open my eyes, but it was as if it were tightly shut! I tried to squint, but I was shocked when I felt something soft… OVER MY LIPS!!


Maybe it was the cat again? No, it didn't feel like one.

Or maybe…

The… thingy parted my lips quickly. And I finally cracked my eyes open, breathing heavily as if I had a horrible nightmare! But maybe I was in a nightmare.

As I opened my eyes, it wasn't the blue sky that I saw.

Instead, it was something different.


My favorite shade of blue.

Holy shit.


A/n: Hey! How was it? I know, the whole fairy tale thing hadn't shown up yet. But don't worry, we'll find Sam turning to the princess she never believed of!

Sneak Peek!

"AAH!! NOOO!!" I shrieked loudly as I pointed an accusing finger to the guy before me. He, however, laughed merrily… Much to my dismay.

Still, my God! His laugh was so… dreamy. Aaahh…

Wait a minute, SNAP OUT OF IT, SAM! Jeez.

And then he said with another… captivating smile. "It's so fun that we meet again with you saying the same thing!"