Another sigh of sweet relief
Oh, it's glorious – sugary – plentiful
Like a moment of surrender,
To yourself
As you try to out run,
Run fast
(you're prey)
As it's liberation
Much like
But you can't help those who fell
Under selfish spells – chained
Cast upon them from the darkest
Of casters
Like a broken memory
Played on repeat-
They ask for a hand, to be helped up
But we only cast a glance
Making sure, we don't make eye contact
For when we do
Oh when we do
We allow ourselves to look within
To feel guilt
When they asked to be put under such spells
Animated emotions -
If they had any
Monstrous melodies-
If they could make any
Dark, shadowed pictures-
If they could draw them
Deepened, touching words –
If only they could string them

We just leave the beggars, untouched