House that is Me

I'm in my hallway of thoughts
From making my way up from my organs-
Saw the tainted blood pumping through them
I'm in my hallway of thoughts
I see many doors, some leading
To dark,dead ends
Some to pools of blood or tears
Another, to complete, empty darkness-
Not shallow in its entirety
Others lead to my desires
Whether they're tempting cravings
Or my past pieces of love,
love (and your Icy Blues)
Or her, just as she was
With her Icy Blues
(they looked just like yours)
That lead me to you
As she was stolen from
The room in my home
Which kept all things that are living -
(The living room)
And beating (much like our hearts)
But your place in the living room,
Well, let's just say it's no longer
Oh and then there are the rooms
That lead to my glittering hopes and dreams
I wish to climb up to, eventually
If I don't lose my hold –
Slip and fall
I hope to hold on
For this is my house
Of my body, mind and soul
Not all things glisten as gold
Especially the parts that have turned to dirt
In my house