If it weren't for You

In a small corner, in the room with the
Cold tile floor, somewhat jagged and
Broken in some place
Can't wait, I'm craving to jump ship
Just to dive in and never climb out again
Make it home, sweet home
If only they'd let me, or if I had the courage,
Like before,
Before I know and felt what love is
But once I tasted it, I know I could never
Go back,
Not saying I didn't love it,
But I wish I never felt it, never tasted it
Upon my dire lips
Damn this world full of irresistible
Sweet liars
Never letting me remain on my own
Now that it's gone, I'm outta my mind
Like love sickness in sea form sickness
I knew tasting such a plate
Would make it hard for me to leave
Like I wanted to
Jumping off
Bleeding off
No tears, no regrets
No rest in peace
No obituary
No funeral
If I hadn't tasted your heart
In mine