Town of Regrets

Come out now,
From under your hidden
Branches that scream with sweet laughter
You've come to the ugliest part of town
With such an innocent intention
A memento of sweet regret
As you pass through Neverland
Now, I'm in the sickest park of town
Just looking for you
But see no sign
Ain't no sign but the molding faces
Of the dirtiest part of town
Just looking for an exit sign now
But can see no red, guiding light
No glowing aura that helps
To find my way
Or even
"I will always spy on you"
Says the voice, creepily, smirks and all
What smoky mirrors have I run into?
Ugliest part of town, people beckoning you
To come closer, just a little closer
Closer and they can snatch you up
Snatch me up
Eat you whole
Eat me whole
In the ugliest part of town, they want
To take my skin, wondering how life
Is like on the other side
Years later