The Fifth Dimension

There are four scientifically recognized dimensions. The first three are length, width, and height, this combination being what makes us three dimensional beings that can touch and interact. The fourth dimension was recently proven to be time and we see its effect on the other three dimensions in sagging skin and the financial success of plastic surgeons.

But there is a fifth dimension to be considered. In theory, scientists and mathematicians acknowledge that it must exist, they just have no proof other than the math; and they are not willing to admit to its existence without knowing what that fifth dimension is.

They don't believe because they can't see it, measure it, feel it. But they should know better.

Each dimension builds on the one before it to create the time and space we exist in. We humans can measure the first through fourth dimensions because we exist within a combination of all four. In essence, we can't prove the fifth dimension because we don't exist within it. Most of us anyway. Or, at least, most of us don't admit that we do.

But the fifth dimension? They can see us. Measure us. Feel us.

And they can infect the part of us that science can't prove exists because it crosses over into that fifth dimension: our souls.

A/N: Just the prologue here. Still deciding whether to pursue this project or not.