Life is so simple
flowers and trees
beetles and boar
all exist happliy
secure in the knowledge
of their own existance.
I watch them sometimes
stinging envy
in my heart
as they blithely
go along their way.
It would be very nice
I crossly decide
to simply live
once in a while,
as they do.
as I look down
at my feet
as I continue on my way
I realize something new.
I am taking every step,
I am turning every bend
of my own accord.
No force of nature drives me on,
no binding instinct holds me
I know that I am
who I am
and I can choose my destiny.

Suddenly my path is forked
and I stand a moment
in indecision.
The I boldy step forward
onto my choosen track
conscious now
of what I am
allowed to do.
To choose
I realize at last
is a most precious gift
to weigh, to consider, to decide
to makes one's fate their own.
Oh agency, sweet agency!
Your blessedness gives me peace
at last
and calms my troubled heart.

Now as I watch the beasts cavort
in their blissfull dumbness
I remember again
and thank my Lord
for the incredible
blessing of choice
I am content.