Chapter 11

When I finally stopped crying, Will released me and placed the tray of food back in my lap. I didn't need him to tell me to eat, crying had worked up an appetite, and this time I ate without complaint. Will watched me silently making me feel very embarrassed over the breakdown. When I was half way through my meal, I broke the silence. "What happen? Why are we here?"

Will was silent for a few seconds. I could tell he was thinking something over. Finally, he said, "We will talk about this later." I couldn't stop myself from scowling, "Don't you want to see Beatrice?" I nod my head, knowing full well he was avoiding the question. "Then I will take you to see her once you are done eating."

I was almost finished with the rest of my meal when the elderly woman from before, walked in with a glass of water and some pills. "Good, you got her to eat." She handed me the glass of water and pills. "Swallow the pills and the headache will die down."

I looked at her, surprise. "How did you know?"

"That you had a headache? I could tell. Besides, with that screaming earlier, I would be surprise if you didn't have a headache." I blushed.

I glanced over at Will and he nod his head once, telling me I should take it. I stuck the pills in my mouth as the woman continued to talk to Will. "Did you explain everything to her?" The pills didn't go down smoothly and I chocked. Both their eyes looked over at me as I took a sip of water, forcing the pills all the way down.

When I set my glass down, Will looked back over at the elderly woman. "I will explain everything to her later, after she has seen her friend." For a spilt second, disapproval flashed across the elderly woman's face. She didn't say a word, but picked up the tray from my lap and left the room. Will looked over at me. "Are you ready?" I nodded my head.

I follow Will out of the room into a vast hallway, with many doors and other hallways connecting to it. The ceiling light lit the halls. There was no windows in sight, not even in the room I was in. Will lead me a few doors down from my room. He opened the door, letting me in first.

When I walked in, the first thing I saw was Beatrice sitting up in the bed. Relief swept through my body. Then I noticed someone sitting next to her bed. He turned his head. I couldn't hold back my surprise when I saw Kevin sitting there. Beatrice looked over at me, and when I mad eye contact with her, a big smile spread across her face. I pushed back my thoughts about Kevin and returned Beatrice smile. I walked over to Beatrice's bed. Kevin stood and wordlessly offered it to me. I accepted it, feeling a little unsteady on my feet.

I heard the door shut behind me and when I looked back, Kevin left the room with Will. I turned my attention back to Beatrice who was looking me up and down. "Are you okay?"

"Yea, I'm fine. Why do you ask?"

"I heard you scream a few minutes ago. Well, I didn't know it was you, but when I asked Kevin who he thought it was, he said it was probably you." Beatrice was looking at me, her face filled with concern.

I felt my face turning red. "I had a terrible nightmare," I mumbled.

"It must have been a scary one for you to scream like that."

I nodded my head. "A terrifying one." I decided to change the subject. "So, have they told you anything about what happen?"

Beatrice shook her head. "No, Kevin said they would explain everything to us when you woke up. You?"

"Same here, Will said they would explain everything later. I guess for now, we just wait for them to come back."

She sighed. "I really don't want to wait. Everything about today has been weird." Beatrice looked around the room. "Do you know what time it is?" I shook my head. "I hope it's not too late, otherwise I don't how I'm going to explain this to my parents when I get home."

"When you get a chance, call your parents and tell them that you are going to stay the night at my place. That way you don't have to worry so much about it."

"Won't your parents be worry?"

I shook my head. "No, my mom knows that I'm out. She will probably start to panic if I don't come tomorrow and don't give her call. I should be fine tonight."

Beatrice let out another sigh. "Thanks, Alice. I wish my parents were just a little more carefree instead of worry warts. I don't know mind them worrying about me, but I don't want them be too overprotective." Beatrice shrugged her shoulders. "I guess it's another way of showing me how much they love me."

I smile. "Better to have them being too caring then not caring at all."

Beatrice smiled. "Yeah, your right. Once I'm out on my own, they will be calling me all the time, but at least I will have a little more freedom." Suddenly, Beatrice smile fell and she looks down at her hands.

Concern, I asked, "What? Is something wrong?"

I noticed Beatrice hands fidget in her lap. "Well, uh… I don't know if, um, it's out of line for me to, uh, ask."

"I highly doubt it, we are friends. So ask anything you want."

Beatrice sat there silently for a minute. I can tell she was thinking how she should ask her question. "Well, it's about, um, your… family." She mumbled the last word.

I'm a little confuse as to why she was so nervous about asking about my family. It seemed like a perfectly fine question, since I just invited her stay the night at my place. "What about them?"

Beatrice kept her eyes on hands. "I heard, well, that they, um, hate you," she whispered.

Now, I understood why she was hesitant. "Oh, well, my aunt and cousins do. They have for years," I shrugged my shoulders, "Nothing new."

Beatrice looked up at my face. For the first time I saw her angry. "Everyone talks about how they only hate you and loves your brother Jacob and even Andrew!" I'm a little taken aback at Beatrice's outburst and she looked like she was too. "Well, I mean, uh, I understand a little why a family would dislike a part of their family, but to single out one person as a child, and don't even hide their hatred for years. I don't understand that." By the end, Beatrice was whispering.

I wasn't sure what to say, it's been like that for so long, it was hard to remember when I did get along with my Aunt and cousins, but I couldn't hate them for the way they treated me. I always felt that I deserved. "Well, it's not misplace hatred. There is a good reason."

"A good reason? What reason could be good enough for that behavior to be acceptable?" Beatrice was fuming with rage. It surprised me, but at the same time, I felt a little happy that she was upset for me.

I thought for a moment about if I should tell Beatrice about what happen when I was young. I have already told Will about it and I felt better then I had in years. I looked at Beatrice, and my I knew right then what I would tell her.

I looked down at my hands as I spoke, "Because I was there when my father was killed and it was my fault."

I glanced up at Beatrice. She makes eye contact with me before I could look back down. "So? You were a child, what could you have done to stop it from happening? She shouldn't have place her blame and hatred on you."

I looked away from Beatrice. "But it feels like there was something I could have done to stop it or that if I wasn't there he would still be alive."

"I know I should say anything, but do you really think that who ever killed your father still wouldn't have if you weren't there? Then again, I guess, some people are sick like that."

I nod my head in agreement. "It was a strange murder case according to the cops."

Beatrice took a deep breath and let it out. "Sorry about reminding you about unpleasant memories. But I think it's unfair how they treat you like that."

I looked back over at Beatrice and smile. "Thanks. It makes me happy to know that you worry about me." There's a hint of blush on Beatrice's cheeks.

We moved on to less depressing and normal topics as we wait for Will and Kevin to return.

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