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A white sedan drove across the Scott's gate and soon merged with the bustle of traffic covering the highway. Past the wind shield and the tinted windows sat Anna Scott, with Will Walters snuggled closely against her. On the driver's seat was Eric Ryan, and not one of them can find their ability to talk.

Except for Will, of course. Does that kid even have the ability to not talk?

"Dad," Will called happily, taking advantage of having someone to call 'Dad'. "You know what?"

Eric pulled his eyes from the road and dragged them towards the direction of Will. "No, what?"

"I didn't see you as the quiet type." Will declared, looking at him curiously. "In fact, you talk too much."

Eric managed to prevent his face from disobeying him (i.e. blushing) and thought, he was not the quiet type, that much is true. He himself did not understand why he was at loss for words, and god forbid, shy. Shy and Eric do not belong to the same paragraph. He laughed at the thought, and decided that he will rid himself of the apparent shyness he had been exhibiting.

"Why are you laughing?" Will asked, then asked another question. "You know what?"

"Because Dan Brown will be jailed." Eric replied with a grin, "And no, what?"

"You should talk more to my Mom, after all, Moms and Dads do more than talk. I saw big boys and big girls kiss before. And who is Dan Brown?"

Anna turned the darkest shade of cherry and pinched Will's arm. "WILL!"

Will turned his head up to look at Anna's face, his back was on her so he had to tilt it to the farthest degree he could manage. "What? Who is Dan Brown?"

"He's the author of the Da Vinci Code, Angels and—"

"What's an author?" Will asked while stifling a yawn. He snuggled closer to Anna while she wrapped one of her arms around his waist.

"An author is a person who wrote a book, an article and other written stuff." Eric began to explain patiently, his eyes now back on the road. "They also—" he was cut off by the sound of someone snoring softly. His eyes turned back to the two people sitting on his right.

Anna gave a laugh. "That's how boring he thinks your explanation is." She teased. "Eh, I would've fallen asleep too."

"Of course you won't." he sided with a chuckle, "If everything turns out wrong, you'll have my looks to back you up. Your husband's a pretty attractive guy." He teased with a smirk.

"Right." Anna replied with a scowl. "And I'm Queen Cleopatra of Egypt."

"Well," Eric began hesitantly, surveying Anna, "You'd do if you didn't have blonde hair."

Anna threw her head back and rested it on the seat. "Now you have issues with my hair. What would it rather be? Dark and cut like a pixie?" Anna didn't realize the effect of those words on Eric.

Eric cringed at the description, then shook his head. "Anything but that!" Or you'd look like that slut Lauren, he thought. "You'd look interestingly ugly." He said, though in his mind, he couldn't picture her ugly.

Anna smiled, but her thinking was otherwise. So I won't look like your bitch, huh? Go to her now and leave me in peace. She added mentally. "Your arrogance is extremely overwhelming." She said dryly.

"Ah, and you're loving it." He countered with a smirk.

She threw him face towel that she grabbed from the headboard. "In your dreams, Eric Sinclair."

"I'm not—" he cut himself before he revealed that his last name was Ryan. Let Lance fix that little dilemma he created.

"You're not what?"

He grinned at no one in particular. "Ask my brother what I'm not."


"Well, unless my mother or father magically produce another boy in a span of an hour, I'm talking about Lance." He said without the sharp tone that his words would normally imply.

"On second thought, your sarcasm is more overwhelming than your arrogance." Anna spat and looked straight ahead, regretting her decision to go with them.

Eric knew he wasn't being nice, but that's the best he can do to keep himself from stuttering. He was, after all, with his crush and supposed son's supposed Mom.

"And your bluntness flatters you." He replied smoothly, giving her more of the sarcasm she referred to as more overwhelming than his arrogance.

She was starting to get pissed; she didn't even bother to reply. Let him have the last word, for all she cares.

Eric's stomach was twisting incredibly and his brain was pounding for all the mental rebukes he was getting from his conscience. What the hell are you doing? You're screwing up what might be your only chance to get to know Anna Scott. He shook his head and cannot bring himself to act properly in front of her. "Damn it." He muttered under his breath.


He forced a grin, "Nothing." He said simply and turned towards the parking lot of the mall.

Anna shook Will's shoulders, "Will, wake up, we're here." Will stirred, but continued to snore. "Will, wake up." She continued shaking him, but he refused to open his eyes.

"Mmmm, Paris…" he moaned as he shifted his position and rested on his right elbow.

"Paris? What the hell." Anna muttered as she continued to shake Will, and then turned to Eric who was watching her curiously, "Maybe if you're helping me wake him up from his French-infused dream rather than trying to stifle you laughter, he'd be up by now." She snapped.

Eric raised his hands in a surrendering motion and took of one of Will's shoes. He took a feather from the glove compartment and started tickling his soles. Anna had to laugh at what he did, despite of herself.

"Paris Hilton!!!" Will shrieked as his eyes flew open.

"WHAT?" Both Anna and Eric exclaimed, shocked by the sudden outburst. They looked at each other at exactly the same time, blinked, and burst out laughing.

"Willford!" Eric cried out in between his laughter, "Leave Paris Hilton to your dreams, we have Peter Parker to watch!"

Will, who was wide awake by now, wondering why in the world these two were laughing, replied, "But Peter Parker is a boy. Whereas Paris is really pretty and blonde and wears little clothes and goes out with Nick Carter and she drove this really pretty pink pick up truck and most of all, she's a girl. So I think I'll think of her more than I think of Peter Parker."

Anna let out a sound that was between a groan and a laugh. "Leave the boy clueless about what authors are but an expert on Paris Hilton."

Eric chuckled and placed Will's shoe back on. "Next time you dream about girls, think of the ones with brains, will you?" he suggested with a grin. "Take my advice on this one."

Right, Anna thought sarcastically, like the likes of Lauren Streep have brains.

Will scowled. "But those smart girls are ugly."

Anna's lips drew a single thin line. Ugly, huh? She was the top of her batch and was valedictorian in Middle School. Of course she was smart, how the hell would she not be smart if she's a Scott?

Eric winked, seeing Anna's facial expression, "Not when they're naturally pretty."

Anna blushed slightly, but quickly recovered by suggesting that they hurry. They walked into the entrance doors, hand against hand against hand. No, Anna and Eric were not holding hands while walking. Will grabbed Eric's left hand with his right, and grabbed Anna's right with his left. The rush of air-condition sent shivers towards Anna's skin, or was it the fact that Will accidentally-on-purpose brushed the Eric's hand with hers? It was the air-condition, of course, she thought.

A ringing sound echoed from inside Anna's bag, "I gotta take this." She said shortly, without even bothering to look at the name on the screen, and walked a few meters away from the twosome.


"Hey Anna!" Cecile's voice greeted.

"Oh. My. God. Cecile! This is turning out to be the worst—worst—" Anna hissed to the phone.


"Fine. If that's what you call it. This is turning out to be the worst date—" she could practically hear the italics of her own words, "—I have ever been to. The guy is the most arrogant, most sarcastic, most sardonic and flirtatious human being I have ever had the pleasure of meeting."

"Relax." Cecile coached, trying to muffle her laughter. "It seems like yesterday you were head over heels in love with the guy. And now you hate him?"

"It was yesterday." Anna snapped. "And yesterday is yesterday. And I was not in love with him. I was infatuated with his looks. Which is very different from his personality, indeed!"

Cecile was not trying to muffle her laughter now. "Anna, you're the Jane Bennet of the 21st century! You do not see the negative of anyone." She declared, then countered herself, "Except of course the likes of Lauren Streep, but that's beside the point."

"THAT is exactly the point! He's the male version of Lauren."

"Chill, okay?" Cecile said smoothly. "Get to know him a bit more, you've been with him for what, 10 minutes?"


"Fine. Thirty five minutes, and you're jumping to conclusions." Cecile pointed out reasonably. "God, I can't believe I'm coaching you into being reasonable. So the world is indeed round."

"Ha. Ha. Very funny." Anna said wryly. "Anyway, I gotta get going. Bye. See you later, we're buying our stuff for the beach, okay?"

"Okay. See you." Cecile said, and Anna heard the click that indicated that Cecile had hung up. Off to be with the He-Man once again.

When they reached the movie house, they saw the poster that announced that there were but ten minutes left before the next showing of Spiderman 3 would start. Eric went straight to the black and violet ticket booth and spoke to the cashier, "3 tickets for Spiderman 3, please."

Anna was surprised at his use of 'please'. He seemed to full of himself to actually say things like the magic words. (According to Barney, they were PLEASE and THANK YOU.)

The theater seats plan flashed on the screen under the table. A piece of thick glass covered it and neutralized the harsh beams it produced. "Look for seat numbers" the woman said with a wave of her hand motioning towards the screen.

Anna and Eric scanned the screen, filled with red and green blocks. The red ones refer to the seats taken and the green ones are the vacant seats.

Will jumped repetitively, trying to at least see what they were supposed to be looking at. "Why do they put it there? Why can't it be placed in a place where people like me can actually see what they're looking at?" He asked with a big frown, after giving up his jumping.

Anna laughed, "That's okay, we'll manage by ourselves." She said and returned to looking at the screen. There were no three-in-a-row vacant seats, which is imposing a problem. Both Eric and Anna tried double checking the screen, but to no avail.

"Will, do you mind if I sit away from you and Anna?" Eric asked finally.

Will pretended to comprehend, but his answer was concrete on his mind. "I don't like that. I want us to be together."

Anna frowned, "Miss, what time is the next showing?" she asked the ticket lady hopefully.

"2:30 PM." The red-headed ticket lady replied.

"Will, are you willing to wait for two and half hours?"

Will pretended to comprehend, but his answer was concrete on his mind. "Two hours was like the time I waited for Eric and Lance yesterday. And that's a long time. And what is a half?"

Anna sighed. "Half of an hour, or thirty minutes." She replied briefly and tilted her head to look at Eric. He was tall, even for her. Her own 5'9" frame was dwarfed by his 6'2". "Now what?" she asked, desperation hinting in her voice.

Eric shrugged his shoulders while shaking his head, "I don't know." He admitted sheepishly. "How about we take two seats together and I let Will sit on my lap?"

"Oh!" Will exclaimed. "I'd like that! Then I can snuggle against you if I'm cold!"

Anna was hesitant, "This is two and a half hours we're talking about." She reminded him, then countered her words. "But then again, I'm not the one who's going to suffer." She said with bitterness, returning Eric's tone in the car. Let him have the last word? Right.

Eric grinned, knowing well that she was trying to piss him off. "But then again, maybe you would like to sit on my lap."

"Pervert." She muttered before telling the ticket lady that they'd take seat number A78 and A79.

The ticket lady was reluctant, not sure if she was to accept their proposition of buying the tickets and having the kid sit on one lap. Was that even allowed? "Well, you're three people, and all three of you are going to enter…"

"We'll take seat B45 too." Eric supplied with a smile, and the ticket lady nodded with a grin. If she was smiling because of the solution Eric gave or Eric's smile, no one knows for sure but her.

Anna began to take out her burgundy red wallet from her silver clutch bag, but Eric placed his hand over hers, placing the wallet inside the bag. "My treat." He said simply, though the tingle he felt when he touched Anna was not so simple.

They bought drinks, popcorn and nachos topped with cheese salsa and beef, and in some weird way, it reminded Lance of all the sauces that had gone to waste the night before, and that made him laugh. Apparently Will did too, for he burst out laughing. "You know what, Anna?"

"No, what?"

"Last night, all of the salsa jars fell to the floor and Elena had to throw everything away! Including the sour ketchup I loved the most! And that disgusting chili sauce Eric loved. And that was fortunate! And you know what?"

"No, what?"

"They forced me to eat the chili sauce with my nachos, so now I hate nachos. And they also forced me to eat pineapples!"

Eric burst out laughing, remembering the incident a year ago when they visited Will.

Anna's brows furrowed, "What's wrong with pineapples? I love pineapples."

Eric laughed even more, and his laugh, Anna thought, was charming. Especially since his very dark brown eyes sparkled and delicate lines showed beside his mouth. His arrogant manly expression disintegrated, giving way to a very boyish grin. "Not when you just finished brushing your teeth with the mintiest of mint toothpastes!"

Will scowled and punched Eric's thigh. "I didn't even use the mint toothpaste! You told me it would be better than the sweet ones I use, but you were wrong. They tasted awful."

"Especially since you ate pineapple right after?" Eric teased and muffled Will's head, while leading him towards the entrance of the movie theater.

Anna laughed. "You scoundrel! That must have been really awful." She remarked and handed the three tickets to the guard. "Will, what toothpaste do you use now?"

"The sweet one of course! And I will until I die." He said with the most conviction that he could.

Anna and Eric laughed together while leading the boy towards their seats, which happened to be at the topmost level of the theater, right under the air conditioner. As an unwritten rule, movies never start on time. Does anyone want to gag the movie people? Ha. Thus, they managed to catch the last trailer before the movie. It was an Eddie Murphy movie, and everyone knows how those movies look like.

"I want that! I want that!" Will whispered excitedly. "We're watching that." He announced, then remembering his manners, he added, "Please?"

Anna laughed and nodded, while ruffling his dark hair. Will propped himself on Eric's left leg, while Anna sat on his right. No, Anna was not sitting on his lap, she was sitting on the seat on his right. Got that? He.

Within the first minutes of the movie was uneventful, just a few comments here and there, but then Anna's knees decided to notice the chill the air-condition brought her. Damn it, she thought, why did she choose to wear a thin tube dress that fall above her knees to a movie? Where the air-condition was freezing? Hell. She tried to cover it her knees with her clutch bag, which did no good. Anna wrapped her arms around herself in a vain attempt to warm herself.

This is stupid, she thought with a grumble. It's summer and her arse is freezing beyond freezing point. She stared blankly at the screen, alternately rubbing her knees and shoulders.

Will noticed what she was doing and looked at her curiously. "Anna, you know what?"

That caught Eric's attention too, and he directed his gaze at her.

She blushed and stopped her rubbing. "What?" she managed to whimper, still keeping her head down.

"What you were doing is weird. It looked like you were applying lotion like my Mama, but Mamas use something that looks like melted vanilla ice cream, but I can't eat it. I didn't know that when Moms apply lotion, they use air."

Eric laughed. "Do you know what applying lotion is, Will?"

Will shrugged indifferently. "Mama said she's applying lotion every time she rubs her knees and arms and stuff."

"Will, applying lotion is putting on the cream that looks like melted ice cream." He explained slowly in a caressing tone. "Lotion is the cream."

Will frowned, contemplating the idea that contrasted the one he had believed all his life. "It doesn't make any sense!" he yelled, turning the attention of half the people watching the movie to him. "Oops, sorry!" he yelled again, and the theater erupted in laughter.

When the giggles died, Will whispered, "It still does not make any sense!"

"Which part?" Eric asked.

He frowned and look at Anna, who was trying to forget the chill going past her skin. "Why is Anna applying lotion without lotion?"

Despite her condition, she managed to laugh softly. "Um, it's, uh, nothing." She said in a shaky voice, her lower lip trembling.

Whether fortunately or unfortunately, depending on the party, Eric noticed her trembling lower lip and blue knees. And fortunately or unfortunately, depending on the party, he decided to wear a sweater in the middle of summer. He quickly took it off and offered it to her. "Here, you're going to die of ice overdose." He teased.

Anna smiled weakly, too overcome by the chill to think of a witty comeback. She took the sweater and pulled it over her head, admiring the warmth the cashmere brought to her shoulders. It somehow carried over to her whole body, and the blueness of her knees disappeared quickly.

Eric seemed to be unfortunate, for she covered those beautiful shoulders. Her collar bone was very prominent against her permanently squared shoulders, which was further emphasized by the tube dress she was wearing. He had a peculiar wish to turn into a cashmere jacket himself and hug her delicate shoulders…

"Er—" Will began to exclaim, then remembered to lower his voice. "Eric!" he hissed into his left ear. "I felt something weird and hard under my butt!"

"Oh, shit. SHH!" Eric jeered and his rosy face turned into a very deep shade of scarlet. Thank god he whispered it, he thought with a relieved sigh.

"You know what?"

"What?" Eric asked, still trying to get his normal color back.

"I don't know what happened with you—" Will's words were stopped by a big hand clasping his mouth. "Mmmmmmmm."

"Shh." Eric hissed. "Look at Spiderman and his black suit or something. I'll explain to you later if you promise never to bring it up until we're alone at home."

Will giggled and snuggled his small body against his chest while Anna looked at the two curiously. "What's up?" she nodded towards Eric.

"Eric said—" Will was stopped again by the same hand that clasped his mouth a few seconds ago.

"Oh, nothing." Eric said with a heart-stopping grin, concealing his nervousness as he pasted the grin for a few more seconds.

Anna shrugged, "Okay," and turned back to the screen, snuggling against the cashmere of Eric's sweater.

Thirty minutes later, she heard a soft snoring from her left. She spun her head and saw Will leaning against Eric, sleeping soundly. "What time did that boy go to bed?" Anna asked with cocked eyebrows.

Eric scratched his head with his free arm, "I was eating a midnight snack with him at 1 AM."

Anna laughed. "And parents were supposed to make their kids sleep at 9PM! What were you doing?"

Eric grinned mischievously, "So you agree that we're his parents for now?"

"Huh." Anna scoffed and pouted, but not without the corners of her mouth curling up into a smile.

Eric wasn't one to miss the smile of the girl he crushes on, and neither was he one to ignore it. "Is that a smile I see there?"

Anna huffed, but couldn't help to make the curling of corners turn to a full-blown grin. "Shut up, Eric."

"Lo and behold, am I to hold a list of the times you either tell me to shut up and snap at me?" he teased and focused his attention on her, instead of the movie.

"Oh, Shut up."

"That's two inside a movie theater." He gleamed and faced the screen.

Will turned and placed the two of them in an awkward position, and it was Anna's time to kid him. "Lovely being a father, huh?"

"Shut up."

"Oh, I better start my own list." She gleamed and faced the screen.

"Shut up."

"That's two."

"Shut up, Anna Scott."


Eric groaned and shifted his position to a less awkward one. No such luck. He tried again, but Will simply turned and made a bed out of him. "Oh, hell."

Anna reached for the armrest and pulled it up, "Let him sit between us."

Eric obliged very willingly, and Will snuggled close to Eric. They stayed that way until the credits were rolling, and Will was groggily waking up from his Paris (France, not Hilton)-infused dream. "I'm hungry." He said in a half-dazed drawl.

"You still up for lunch?" Eric asked Anna while pulling Will up to carry the limp boy.

Anna smiled, "Sure. Where to?"

At the sound of this, the supposedly limp Will perked up. "Outback! I want STEAK!"

"Okay," Eric agreed, "Lead the way, Lady Anna." He teased, bowing to her (which looked extremely gauche with Will on his back).

Instead of the consequent "With pleasure,", Anna muttered a playful "Shut up."

"Three. We're tied."

They entered Outback and ate in relative peace. Anna was beginning to enjoy both Will and Eric's company, despite her supposed hatred for the latter.

"Anna, can I please have a taste of your steak? I knew I should have gotten the one with the number 3 on it. Instead of this one." Will asked with his best puppy dog eyes.

Anna laughed and handed him her plate. "Help yourself."

Will squealed and carefully used his knife to cut smaller pieces. "This is difficult." He groaned after several tries and still failing to cut the stubborn piece of meat. "Eric, I mean, Dad, can you please, please do this for me?"

Eric took the plate from him and easily cut a piece of cube. He used his own fork to feed it to Will. "Here you go."

Will wrinkled his nose, looked from the small piece of steak stabbed by Eric's fork, and looked down on his own plate of barbecued steak. "Eric, I changed my mind. I don't like that. It was so hard and I'd bet I won't get to chew it because of my missing front teeth." He looked at Eric with a scowl, then softened into his look a.k.a. puppy dog eyes. "Can you feed Mom instead? Papa feeds Mama."

Eric shrugged and held the fork in front of Anna. Anna hesitated for a moment, it was his fork, it came from his mouth. But the indifference in Eric's gesture made her realize that there was no malice, and so she took the steak into her mouth and chewed it. "Yum."

Will clapped his hand in triumph and began to sing. "Eric and Anna, wait, wrong." He sang, stopped, and coughed to clear his throat. "Daddy and Mommy sitting on a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

"How original." Anna said dryly, wiping butter off her mouth.

"First comes love!" Will pursued despite the evil glances Eric shot him. "Second comes marriage—"

"Don't even go to the third." Eric threatened with his dagger of eyes.

"THIRD COMES THE BABY IN A CARRIAGE!" Will yelled on the top of his lungs.

Eric groaned. "You asked for it!" He lunged and tickled Will's ribs unceasingly until the little boy had tears in his eyes.

"Oh, okay! Okay! I get it!" Will yelled in between snorts. "You don't need number three because you have ME already!"

Anna laughed. "Thank heavens then."

"Oh, look!" Will's attention spun to a little girl who just entered the restaurant. "Look at her!"

Anna narrowed her eyes at him. "You mean you're leaving Cecile after proposing your love for her?" She asked with a straight face, Eric had to contain his laughter.

"NO!" Will blushed inferiorly, "I'm going to marry Cecile. I want that girl's shoes!"

Anna dragged her eyes towards the said girl's shoes. "You want that?"

"HEY!" Will protested. "Of course I don't want it pink! But I saw boys back home have white ones! And blue! And orange! And even black! And—"

"You have a pair." Eric said. "Your Mama packed it together with all your clothes."

"She did?" Will asked, and upon seeing Eric's nod, he threw his fists up in the air. "Yeah! Then we're going SKATING!"

Anna looked nervously at the little girl's skates and gulped. She wasn't a very big fan of the ice. In fact, she hated it. She hated it the moment she fell flat on her butt. It was one of the only times that Anna Kassia Morgan Scott failed at something. "I don't—"

"Mooooooom!" Will wailed. "Pleaaaaaaase?"

"I don't—"

"If you don't know how, I'll teach you!" Will volunteered enthusiastically. "I can skate pretty well. And you can learn fast! Of course you have to fall sometimes, but that's part of the game!"

She looked at Eric, asking for help, but he was focused on his plate. She sighed, "Oh, fine. But let's at least not do it now."

"Fine!" Will cried out and threw his arms around Anna's neck. "Thank you!"


"Not because I've never had sex before it means I'm innocent." Denise said sultrily.

Freddie stared at her. "You never had what now?" he asked with a croaking voice.


"The brain is composed of two sides, the right and the left…"


"And Kobe Bryant is sitting on the bench! The Phoenix Suns are going to go past the LA Lakers and move up the chart and face the…"


"Lucas, I love you. I'm really in love with you." Peyton said with tears brimming her enormous green eyes.


"Disguise one, moose wearing a dress. Disguise two, moose wearing a dress and sunglasses. Disguise tree, moose wearing a dress, big fluffy hat and sunglasses." The Narrator crooned.

The police approached the moose. "Have you seen a fellow with a head like yours and a body like yours not wearing a dress, big fluffy hat and sunglasses?"

The moose burped. "Uhhh, no."


"Prince Harry is bloody furious for the palace's refusal to let him join the army headed to Iraq. The royal court protested that he could be the target if he goes…"


Anna shut off the TV, she was still wearing the dress she wore to the movies, but she returned Eric's sweater when he and Will dropped her off at home. She grabbed her cell phone from her drawer and searched for Bronze's number in her phone book, and then hit Call.

"ANNA!" Bronze voice tittered across the phone. "You bloody bitch! You haven't called me in a week!"

Anna laughed. "I'm sorry, okay? Let me make it up to you. How about going to the beach tomorrow with us?"

"Who's coming?"

"Oh, you know."

"Hot guys in board shorts?"

"You bet."

"Then you've got yourself a deal."

Anna laughed. "Great, call whoever, I think Carlo's coming already, Mom told me she told his Mom."

"Then that'll do." Bronze said with finality. "I'll see you tomorrow at what time?"

"Dawn, probably 4 AM. I'll e-mail you the details when I squeeze them from Dad, okay?"

"Okay, bye." With that, Bronze hung up, and Anna was back to her incandescent adventure with the TV. Channel surfing, right. She couldn't wait to go surfing.


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