DISCLAIMER: This is just a little poem about horribly sexy British Jude Law

DISCLAIMER: This is just a little poem about horribly sexy British Jude Law. As far as the disclaimer goesJude belongs to himself (and his wife. Did you see that wedding band?! Geez..She's trying to get the point across that he's her property, huh!?). Anyways, this written out of a purely innocent fascination with the drop-dead-sexy li'l bugger in question. I'm NOT a stalker! I'm just a hopeless and foolish young woman--*snicker! snicker!*--

Author's Notes:  Also, I'm completely certain that he's got rug-rats; I'm just going something I heard somewhere. Some of you are thinking "Who the *$%!# is Jude Law?!" The answer to your first question is "Shaddap." The second answer is thusly: Check out the films "Music From Another Room;" "Gattaca;" "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil;" "Wilde," and "The Talented Mr. Ripley" (if you've seen that movie, than you know Jude plays Dickie, the rich white boy).  So that's that. Now read the poem. NOW, I said!

--Ode' To Jude--

You're a trillion miles away, and way too old for me, anyway, but still I admire you.

I watch the films, both 'b' grade and good, and drool way more than most any girl should.

I see your handsome face, your charm 'n grace, and my little heart flies all 'round the place.

An' don't get me started on those eyes, which are bluer then the bluest skies.

Despite your own perfection, you have flaws so cute they draw in more of my affection.

The goofy grin you sometimes get makes me giggle until I split.

Your English accent, so thick and cute, makes some lines hard to compute.

Well, you may've lost the Oscars and may wear briefs instead of boxers, but I admire you anyway.

But, you're a married man (long sigh).

You've got a little woman and some kids (and maybe another some other day), though I'm not much for the family thing, 'to each his own,' I always say.

And though you have a woman with which to share your bed, I cry not; I'll just drool over George 'perpetually single' Clooney instead!