This story is starting out as a bit of an experimental one -- I've seen many stories where you've got:

a) two lesbians getting together (rare)

b) student + teacher in illicit F/F relationship

c) confused straight girl falls for… some other girl

d) not confused gay girl goes for straight(?) popular prep cheerleader-esque character

e) two straight girls and too much alkohall… bring on the aftermath.

f) best friends, both of whom think the other is straight and begin to have dubious lesbian thoughts about the other

I don't think I've missed any out. Anyway, the story is that I've never done (C) and I thought it would be fitting that I approach that premise because I wanted to write something different from my usual (B). The type of (C) fare that I read the most struck me as clichéd and, dare I say it, boring, and I know that a cliché is borne out of real-life, so it would be hard for someone to try and deviate from that. I thought I'd give it a shot, though. So, accompanied with trusty sidekicks Special Agent Academy and assorted characters (most of which I try to un-token), I started writing NFIA: National Federal Intelligence Agency, complete with confused straight girl.

The setting of this story is a bit of an old one. I wanted to springboard it off another fic but I put it on the backburner; having penned this premise in 2005 and not having done something about it until now, you might find similarities to a movie titled D.E.B.S. I've decided to stick with the name of the original idea (I thought of chopping and changing things somewhat as I've taken a different approach with this story to the one I had originally intended on taking), and so it is that you see the fic in front of you here.

On another note: I know the story is titled "NATIONAL Federal…" but this might probably be set all around the world, so please don't get hung up about that. I'd call it IFIA but NFIA looks/reads better than IFIA. Pardon my idiosyncratic affinity for aesthetic story titles.

Oh, and a disclaimer: I don't live in New York/wherever all this will be set except NZ, so stuff will most probably not be geographically/factually correct, and I have no idea how the FBI/CIA/DEA/DOD/NSA/IAB/ABC/XYZ/other assorted three letter agencies thing works anywhere around the world -- this Is a complete and utter work of fiction, and sometimes might tiptoe into the realms of unrealistic-ness, so just bear with me because I want this to be fun and I hope you'll find it fun too. And of course, everyone in this story is really, really, ridiculously good looking and used to volunteer in a centre for ants who can't read good.

Also, 100 West Avenue probably doesn't exist in Manhattan, either. "Sector One, Prentice Bay" doesn't exist, period -- 'cause I made it up. Which I suppose is a good thing. Lastly but not leastly -- all characters and events are mine.

Oh and this doesn't mean that I'm hiatusising (my spellchecker insists on breaking it up into "hiatus" and "sing"… a singing hiatus, perhaps?) Krugers and Ashes: Director's Cut -- my muse just decided to wander off into the happy(?) forests of blurry sexual orientation, and I have no say in the matter except to agree. I should be able to juggle both fairly well; you might just find that the gaps in between chapters of each story will be longer than before (barring an exam-induced hiatus, that is).

Let me know what you think.