Ok, so. I'm sitting here, having spent most of my second period study in the library. I got a library pass from my Spanish teacher. She thinks I'm coming here to go to a Spanish speaking website to help me out since I am so behind.

She thinks that because it's what I told her.

You see, I lie a lot. Sometimes to other people, sometimes to myself.

A lot of times it's to myself.

Like, when I got the library, I told myself that I was going to sit down at a table in the far back, get out my history book, and finish the last two history worksheets that are due in fifth period. I was so intent on doing that, but the computer called out to me!

"Come on, Brooke. You know want to. You will have plenty of time in fourth period to do it! Go ahead, get on! Noting bad will happen."

Psht. Right. Here I am typing about my sad excuse for a life, when I could be doing homework. When I SHOULD be doing homework. And you know what else?

The bell just rung and it's about to be third period, and here I am, still typing. I should get up and leave.

Of course I will. I'm not going to skip. I stopped doing that when I realized that I failed the ninth grade.

Yes. Failed.


Tell me about it.

Anyways, if I'm late, the librarian will surely give me a pass because I practically live in here and she sees me every single day. SO duh. Yeah. She will.

Here is where I will stop typing, save this, and upload it to of my life.

Get ready.