Let me just say that I might be as crazy as my friend Amanda ("iiiimnotcrazy") says I am. Most of the time we are just playing around, but I need to let you in on a little secret.

I always feel like I'm being watched. Not necessarily stalked, because I know I'm being stalked. I just can't prove it yet.

But watched, by like, the anime characters from the shows I watch.

Like Kyo Sohma and practically all the Sohma's (ok, it's more like three. I don't know. They change up sometimes)

And other things like that.

Some times, when I'm alone, or really just daydreaming or whatever, I imagine that I am in a white room or something. And there is a two-way mirror, and on the other side of that mirror, are the voice actors of said anime characters, and. . .

Said Anime Characters.

And they are discussing what I do, how I do it, why I do it, when I do it.

Like when I get really excited, I punch things. Usually people aren't around, so I punch my palm or my thigh. And it really hurts. And then I am glad that people aren't around because then I'd get in trouble.


And inside this room with the two-way mirror, there are all the necessities I need for me to survive.

1) A refrigerator chalk full of delicious foods for my basic needs:

a) Hot Pockets

b) Milk (any beverage would do for me, but normally, at my house, all we would have is Milk (because my parents deem grocery shopping as "only in emergency" worthy) and I would just drink that and then it became a normal thing for me. So normal, in fact, that I drink right from the carton. Everyone does that, but I do it more often then not.)

c) Chocolate (really, any dessert would do, but chocolate is my favorite)

e) Chicken

f) Salads

g) Soup

h) Pizza

i) Tacos

j) And More tacos

2) A Computer with all-access to the interweb (that I DON'T pay for)

3) A big screen TV with Insight Digital, so that I may watch all the TV I wish, complete with:

a) a DVD player so that I may play anime DVD's and action movies and such

b) A VCR so that I can watch home videos.

4) a book shelf that is always full of new books that I can read, featuring:

a) Manga of such that I am currently reading, and will possibly be interested in, in the future

b) Magazines (probably anime)

c) Young adult, Romance, Adult, comedies, etc…

And there is the five minute bell.



9:06 am


9:35 am.

Ok, the ACTUAL time was 9:20, but I couldn't get to a computer until 9:35.

I know what you must be thinking.


No. I'm not. I got my work finished early (mostly because our teacher had already put all the answers to the math problems on the board, so I didn't really have to do any work, but I digress).

I got a library pass for the rest of third period, and then for fourth period too.

I should probably be doing my math, science, history, and English homework, but what for?

I CAN'T CONCETRATE ON ANYTHING! My mind keeps slipping to this weekend.

Supposedly, if nothing comes up, I am going to the Easton Mall with my friend Amanda ("iiiimnotcrazy") to get this one Manga that I have been going crazy about because it was really cute, but I can't remember what it's called.

Anyway, back to my list:

5) A bathroom.

a) Obviously!

6) A table that the Computer shall be put on, where, when I sit at it, I would be facing the two-way mirror so that everyone behind it can laugh at my facial expressions.

7) A Second computer in case I had my friends with me for some reason (inside my head, I am getting paid to sit in that white room all day and do what I normally do, which would be "NOTHING!").

(I JUST GOT A PASS TO GO SEE MY GUIDANCE COUNSELOR! It said "send as soon as convenient" which, now is alright, but I'm doing something, so it can wait :D )

8) A Sofa where I can chill and watch TV or movies

9) A game console (any and every) so that I might play whatever I want

10) An unlimited supply of video games and CD's so that I can entertain myself if I am not on the interweb.

a) I do, occasionally, do other things than watch TV and get online. I have a life outside my content normalcy.

I like to be ordinary every now and then. :D


Those ten (something) things are what I need to survive, and so which, would be supplied for me, as these enmities watched me from behind a glass.

The whole "inside a room thing" came around after I stopped going outside as much when I was about 12 or 13. Before then, they would follow me around and watch how I behaved, so I would always try to behave. I didn't get into anime, until I was 11, so before then, I was a badass kid.

My dry spell for trouble making stopped after I had just started watching anime, and then when I stopped going out side so much, I started to get back into it.

I started showing them what I was REALLY all about.

I was so sure of myself back then (wow, I sound old) because I didn't have to worry about anything.

And then my brother started hanging out with Ray, and pretty much everything in my life (which MOSTLY revolved around My brother, Mom and Dad, anime, and food) changed.


It changed so much that I started to realize how much I was growing up. And it scared me.

It scared me so much.

Still does. But I'm learning to live with it because I don't really have a choice.


"Life's a bitch. Then you die."

Truer words have NEVER been spoken.