SummaryThe life of a payed pet. In His case, the owner is a beautiful young woman and He is a hot, young man. There may be an attraction. Or there may not be. She has a job, besides going to school. Bad summary, I know. Just Please R&R. I promise I'll check your storied out and do the same. XD

Authors Note (XXXX equals day or days later. xxxx equals hour or hours later.) So, this all came ot me in a dream. It was really weird and it never ended. The end of this story, was basically the end of the dream. Go ahead, give me suggestions if you like it. I'll take anything I can get cuz I'm not the best at finishing things.

Only Pretending

They stood by the wooden fence.

"This guy wont leave. What are we gonna do? We need to start building next week."

She sighed and grabbed the arm of the guy next to her.

"Let's go inside and talk to him. There's gotta be a way to make him comfortable with giving his land to us."

The guy next to her nodded but she knew this didn't really interest him. He was just here because she needed him to be here. He might as well because they were going to dinner afterwards.

The wind caught her long hair and she didn't bother stopping it from blowing in all directions.

"Yes, let's go inside."


He had this young Ace Ventura-look over him. But more handsome, muscular and cuter. And much, much paler. And he had this broody look over him, too. It made him look sexy in a punk-rocker sort of way.

The house was filled with animals.

Not the bad kind of 'filled'. Not in the way when it looks terrible, but it looked like a very carefully handled zoo.

All kinds of animals walked around in their own areas of the small house.

"Is that a horse in the kitchen?"

"I think a headgehog just tried to bite my nose off."

He was sitting in the couch, glaring at them.

"I am not moving out. Animals needs someplace to stay, too."

She shook her head and stepped over a bag of dog-food to get closer to him.

"What if we compromize?"

"How do you mean?"

She smiled and, as gently as possible sat down next to him with her legs crossed.

"You let us build the center here and we will make sure they focus on the wellfare of animals. Yours and all the others. What do you think?"

He hesitated.

"I don't know...I like it here..."

"You're all alone here." the guy that had been by her side commented.

He shrugged his shoulders.

"I don't mind."

She got this silky smile on her face.

"Do you like poems?"

He looked at her.

"Sure. Why?"

"I have one. You wanna hear it?"

"Why not. Go ahead."

She leaned in closer, till her breasts were pressing against his chest and she whispered.

"Roses are red, viols are blue...Get your own place, or girls won't do it with you..."

His eyes widened and he blushed before sitting up straight.

"I'll sell. Can you write the deal down in the contract?"

She smiled, sugar sweet.

"Sure thing, cuteness."


All was well that ended well.

And school had finally ended for the day and now they were sitting on a bench, waiting for the bus.

She threw her long, brown hair back over her shoulder and her blue eyes were pointed at him.

"You know, you didn't have to be so rude."

He smirked at her and shook his head, making that blond hair of his blow with the gentle wind before he pointed his own, chocholate colored eyes at her.

"What I do on my own time is none of your buisness. You only own me outside school, not inside."

Her smirk was the same as his.

He was tall and handsome, she noticed. Had he allways been that way? She couldn't remember him being that way a couple of years ago when she first layed her eyes on him.

She shook her head and pulled his hair, smiling teasingly.

"You know, you're actually cute. I could see myself having sex with you."

His smile was equal to hers as he leaned closer and hissed.

"That is not what you're paying me for, remember?"

She shrugged her shoulders.

"Thinking about the amount of money you're asking for, I should have sex with you."

"You can have sex by yourself!" he hissed again, blushing slightly.

She chuckled and nodded.

"I am, my 'darling'."

She continued teasing him for a few more minutes.

Then, suddenly a young man and two girls walked by and she recognized the man.

"Hey, there!" she called out, drawing his attention to herself.

As he saw her, his eyes widened with surprise and joy.

"Hey! It's you! How are you doing?"

She stood up and shook his hand. "I'm fine. How about you? Gotten cozy in your apartment?"

He smiled.

"Yes, I have. Hey, we are going for something to eat. You guys wanna come with us?"

He got up from the bench, looking over his shoulder and noticing that damned bus that was allways late before standing by her side.

Outside the walls of the school, they were an item. It was what he got payed for. But as long as there wasn't anybody that mattered around, it didn't really matter to him.

So with a great sigh of resignation, he was going with her whatever she chose to do.

"Sure, we'll go with you. I'm starving, I missed lunch today."

He looked down at her.

'I missed lunch.' was something he often heard from her.

"You missed it again?" he mumbled as they started walking.

She shrugged her shoulders. "It's no big deal. It's not the end of the world or anything. Calm down, I thought what each of us did in school didnt matter to one another."

He didn't answer that. Because she was right.


They sat down by two small tables.

She sat with the 'Ace Ventura' looking guy and one of the girls He sat with the other girl.

"I'll treat you dinner, okay? I mean, you did give up your home for me." She said.

"Not really, it was more for the animals, right?" He commented.

She smiled and ignored the comment He made.

"No, not at all. She was very pusuasive. She knew just what promises to make to talk me into selling."

He smirked and shook his head.

"What exactly was it that you promised him you'd do?"

She still ignored him

"So, have you payed the center a visit yet?"

He lit up. "Yeah, I did. Making it a teen-animal center was a great idea. Everybody was so nice to the animals. They really took care of them. I loved it and I don't regret a thing."

"You guys wanna order something?" the girl next to him asked.

"Oh, right. What do you want? My treat."


It took her a few minutes, but she got everythingto the table.

"I keep forgetting your name. What was it again?"

He got up and helped Her with the trays.

Quite a gentleman, this one.

"My name's Nathaniel."

"Thanks. Your friends call you 'Ace'?" She teased.

He laughed. "Actually, they do."

She put the trays down and the girls insisted on paying her back.

"Okay, you can pay me back if you only give me half of the money."

The girls were quite cute and they giggled as one.

She turned to Him. Her face got cold.

"You'll pay double."

His fae got as cold as Hers.

They glared at eachother for a few seconds. Then, they got their pretend-faces back on.

He smiled and She smiled back.

They both chuckled.

"Oh, darling. You're such a joker. That was a good one."

She nodded and gently touched His shoulder.

"Of course, honey. I learn from you."

Even though they looked all lovey-dovey, there was still a ceartain stiffnes between them.

She sat back down in Her seat and they all started eating.


"You talk so fondly about your new house, Nathaniel. I'd love to see it sometime."

He smiled at her.

"You know, if you have time we could go right now."

She chuckled and nodded.

"Sure. I've got nothing special to do today."

They kept planning what they would do for the rest of the day.

He discreetly looked at her.

She was laughing sincerily at this guy. And She had her legs crossed. She never had her legs crossed. What did she see in that guy, anyways? He had the skin of a ghost, for cryin out loud! And that smile of his.

There was definitly something wrong about this guy. He was obviously hitting on her.

On her! On my girl! I mean, my owner. My boss?

Man, it sucks being a pet sometimes.

He let his eyes follow the lines of her body.

She sure was hot. Not that I'd ever admit it to her, but She sure looks good. Athletic body.

He sighed and shook his head, turning his attention back to the girl next to him that kept talking at all time.

She kept smiling as She discreetly looked over at Him.

He was so handsome. It irritated her. Although, She wouldn't have chosen him if He hadn't been.

And he was talking to another girl. In public! Outside school! In front of her!

Pets these days. No respect for the owner whatsoever!

She sighed and shook her head.

Hard times. Hotties and money equaled hard times.

Most of the time. Other times, it meant good times.

Yeah, hotties and money equaled good times.

"Hey, you still with me there?"


Nathaniel's smiling face brought her back to reality.

"Sure. My mind were just wandering a little..."

They both got up and took their jackets.

He stood up the same time as She did.

"Where're you going?"

She took his arm in hers.

"To his place. You just stay here and have fun with the girls. I'll call you."

He grabbed his own jacket.

"I'll tag along. It's no problem."

She sighed.

"I swear to god, if I didn't know better..."


She shook her head.

"Nothing. Never mind."

Nathaniel just smiled. He didn't mind at all.

"Allright. Let's go then, shall we?"



- That's as much as I can remember from the dream I had. You liked it? Either way, send me a line. -