She speaks of riddles in satin green;

"For now, or never, what I've brought and what I bring…"

Lies truth or folly in lowly pristine;

"Is to change the end, or perish therein."


Like daisies bolting from the grove

Or bolted aside the puckish clove,

She rose from the trails that no oceans know

Stretching the bonds of bluish flow;


And I, lucullan emerald entranced

Lie past the gates where all reason chanced

To show its eyes, or gaze, or glance

As beauty threw my sight askance;


"I will step closer," – and how I did, I knew!

"- And dare imbibe this sight of you,"

And like laughter the ring shimmered the night through

With its bewitched flora and sprightly yew;


Night-ward was my glance though I lie 'wake

Condemned with every step I take

A footmark of downfall where fairies partake

To celebrate a landmark of orphic mistake.


But no! Lyncean hands held fast

In a trice belonging me to a different path

"For now, or never," – sweet words held her breath

And held mine forever from fatuous death;


Enjoining with haste, "- what I've brought or what I bring…"

And laughed she, and laughed I, tremulously holding

Though I bending and breaking from the magical cling,

"Is to change the end, or to perish therein."