It's a Twin Thing

By: alphawolf0226

A/N: This chapter can be thought of as either a prologue to the story, or as chapter one. To me it's a prologue, cause it is actually leading up to the first chapter. This is just giving you an idea of what is to come and who two of the main characters are. Enjoy!!

Warnings: twincest, male slash/yaoi, mpreg...and I think that's it.



In a large field, that seemed to go on forever, there was one lone tree, at the base of a hill. The tree was a tall strong oak, that seemed almost ancient. Its branches swayed in the wind, the broad leaves catching even the slightest gust.

All around the tree, as well as covering the whole field, were flowers; all sorts of flowers: tulips, daisies, lilies and orchids. The tree was mainly surrounded by red and white roses.

Leaning against the oak were two boys. They looked exactly alike; they had the same pitch black hair, the same faint birthmark on their cheek, and the same vibrant blue eyes. There was only one difference: one of them was two inches taller than the other, he looked older and more serious.

His back was against the tree, with the younger boy resting between his legs. The elder's arms were wrapped firmly around the younger's waist. The older boy's head was resting on the other's shoulder, his eyes closed, but the other boy was staring out over the field.

The younger boy plucked a red rose form the earth, and started twirling it between his fingers. Then, he spoke, breaking the peaceful silence. "Hey, Brandon?" He asked hesitantly, in a boyish voice, that still held remnants of his earlier years.

"Hmm?" said the boy, his eyes still closed.

"Do you love me?"

The older boy gave a huge sigh and opened his eyes. "Adam," he said, as he tightened his grip on the boy, "we've been over this before."

"I know," Adam said, blushing profusely. "I-I just...wanted to hear you say it again."

Brandon chuckled. "Alright." He pulled Adam so close that the younger boy could feel Brandon's muscles through their t-shirts. Adam could feel the elder's hot breath against the back of his neck and ear, the sensation made him shiver. "I love you, Adam, more than anything, and nothing will ever change that."

Adam closed his eyes, now that he fully believed what Brandon was saying. "Thank you"

He then felt lips against his neck. He stretched it to give Brandon more room. "Anytime," he heard before Brandon latched onto his neck again.

He moaned as Brandon began to nibble on his neck. "Brandon," he said, breathlessly, "please not now."

"Why not now?" he asked in a seductive whisper.

"Because I'm-" before Adam could finish, the sky turned red, the clouds black, and all of the flowers started dying. They turned brown and shriveled up, as if their water source had suddenly been cut off.

Adam quickly dropped the rose he still held, when he realized what was happening. Then he and Brandon looked up when they heard the snapping and breaking of wood. Brandon quickly pushed Adam onto the ground, and covered him with his body, as the tree's branches fell.

When that was done, Brandon kneeled, so that Adam could sit up, a look of horror on his face.

'How could something so perfect be destroyed so quickly?' Adam thought as he looked around at the destruction.

Then they heard it. The marching of a thousand feet, and the hateful yells of people set on one course: to kill.

'No,' Adam thought feebly, 'not now. Please not now.' Tears started to fall down his cheeks. He knew the fate that had been set before them.

"No," he said as the mob come into sight.

Brandon quickly stood up, before reaching down to pull Adam up. "Come on," he said, as he forcefully pulled the younger boy up and started pushing him away from the mob, and toward the hill.

"Brandon, we'll never be able to outrun them," Adam whined.

"I know, but you might."

"What?!" Adam stopped and turned around to face the other boy. "Brandon, I'm not leaving you."

"You have to. I won't let them get you, I promise," he said reassuringly.

"Brandon," Adam whispered as his tears started streaming down his face. "Please...don't do this to me...don't leave me...please," he begged.

Brandon pulled Adam into a tight hug. "I'm sorry, Adam. I'm so, so sorry. Believe me, I don't want to leave you, but it's the only way. I'll hold them off while you run."

Adam pulled away from the embrace. "But-"

"No but's," Brandon said. He gave Adam a quick kiss on the lips before hugging him, one last time. He then gave Adam a firm push up the hill.

"GO!" Brandon yelled as him before turning around and walking off, in the direction of the mob.

Adam watched him go before turning around and running up the hill. When he got to the top he heard a loud, resounding explosion. He turned around and saw a globe of light, where Brandon and the mob were fighting. Adam also saw a flock of crows circling the globe, cawing like crazy.

But, just as soon as it was there...the light was gone, and the crows flew off, after circling a few more times, completely silent.

Adam felt as though a part of him had just been torn out. And he knew he wasn't getting it back. He started to shake uncontrollably. He then fell to his knees, wrapped his arms around himself, and cried.

"He's gone," he sobbed, "he's gone...and he's never coming back."

He heard the sound of feet coming up the hill, but he didn't care anymore. The one person who understood him, the one person who truly loved him...was gone.

He looked up to see the mob standing in front of him. A man stepped forward, holding a gun.

"Go ahead, shoot me," Adam said. "I don't care."

The man raised the gun and fired, a look of disgust on his face.


"NO!!" Adam yelled as he sat bolt upright in his bed, shivering from the sudden cold. He was covered in sweat, his shirt was drenched, and his sheets were strewn all over the bed. He tried to catch his breath, while telling himself over and over again that it was just a dream.

But that didn't fully reassure him. So he got out of bed, in only his sweat-soaked t-shirt and boxers, and left his room. He walked down the hall to a different room, and opened the door. He peaked into the room and spotted the figure in the bed. He quietly snuck into the room and walked over to the bed.

"Hey...Brandon?" He whispered. "Are you awake?"

The figure on the bed groaned and rolled over to face him. "I am now," Brandon said. "Why? Is something wrong?" He asked, concern written on his face. He propped himself up on his elbows.

"I...well-I..." Adam stuttered, ", nothing's wrong." Brandon looked confused, but Adam ignored it. He then turned to leave. "Night, B," he called as he left.

"Night, A," Brandon called in response. He watched as Adam left before he turned back over to go back to sleep.

He had a good idea why Adam had come into his room. Because he had had a similar dream. He knew that there were two people, and that his brother was one of them, but he didn't know who the other was. He knew the other was a male, but that was it. He wasn't able to hear what the two were saying, it had been as if he was in a silent movie, and he hated those.

Brandon sighed as he rolled over onto his back, staring up at the ceiling. "Adam, what have you gotten yourself into this time?"

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