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Warnings: twincest (later), mpreg, and language, they're teenagers what do you expect?

The Whispering of Fate

Chapter 4

Feel for You

Adam, still lost in the darkness, started to hear voices, somewhere above him.

"You're lying! She would never do that!"


"Well then you don't know your girlfriend all that well!"

"Dude, she's not even loyal to you."

'Katie? Brett? What's going on? Why are they arguing?' Adam wondered. Wanting to see what was going on Adam followed the voices until he was blinded by a white light.


"Can you help him, Christian?" Aly asked anxious for her brother to wake up.

Christian, Mr. Sekou, shook his head at his friend and student. "Aly just calm down. If you want to help, how about you, Dan, Kyle, and Devin go down to the nurse for ice," he said from where he was kneeling over Adam on the floor.

Aly immediately brightened up, glad to have something to do. Then, she passed Dahlia over to Damian, grabbed Dan and started to drag him out of the room followed by Kyle and a 16 year old boy with spiked light brown hair at a slower pace. Christian then turned his attention back to Adam.

The group surrounding him looked at him confused. "What do you need ice for?" asked Katie, standing next to Nathan.

Christian smiled, "I don't. I just wanted her out of my hair. It's impossible to concentrate with her buzzing around like a nervous mother. She wants me to help Adam, but I can't with her worrying so darn much."

The group laughed, it was true Aly was kind of the mother of the group, always worrying about their well being, especially Kyle's nowadays. They stopped laughing when they heard a groan from the floor. They looked down to see Adam lazily opening his eyes.

He looked around at the people above him. "Where's Brandon?" he asked weakly.

Brett looked down at him worriedly. "He's not here, buddy."

"But...I heard him. You and Katie were yelling at him," he said. "Why? What happened?"

They all looked at each other, but were saved from answering when Aly ran back into the room, still dragging Dan behind her. At seeing that her brother was awake and sitting up with a little help from Christian, she yelled out, "Adam!" Before running over to her brother and tackling him back to the floor, while everyone just smirked, amused.

"Good god, Aly," said Adam, "you're gonna strangle me."

Completely ignoring her brother Aly just ranted on and on about how happy she was that he was alright.

"Um, Aly?" Damian asked. "He won't be alright if you hang onto him like that." Aly just ignored him. So he bent down, and with a little help from Christian and Dawson, was able to pull Aly away from Adam, whose face had started to turn a light blue.

"Damian! Let me go!" Aly said, starting to struggle.

"Not if you're gonna strangle him again," he said frustrated.

It took a while before Aly was calm enough that Damian trusted she wouldn't do anything rash before he let her go, and by that time Kyle and Devin had returned from their more leisurely stroll.

Walking in on the sight of Damian restraining Aly, and Christian and Dawson helping Adam into a chair prompted Kyle to ask, "Okay, what happened here?"

Brett walked over to his boyfriend and said, "Just Aly overreacting, nothing special."

Kyle nodded in understanding, before everyone's attention was turned back to Adam asking, "Will someone please tell me where Brandon is? I know he was here just a minute ago, I heard you guys yelling."

"We don't know where he is," said Nathan. "He was curious as to what happened to you when we brought you in here and we told him. He freaked out saying that Cordelia was innocent, and we told him how wrong he was, and then he stormed out of here, probably to be comforted by the Devil." The Devil was the groups little nickname for Cordelia.

Adam looked down gloomily, why was it that Cordelia always seemed so innocent in Adam's eyes? Then a thought struck him, and turning to Christian he asked, "The teachers have access to a list of all the whisperers and psychics at the school right?"

Looking at him curiously Christian responded, "Yeah, why?"

Adam looked at everyone who was also looking at him confused, before looking over at his sister. "Remember what Cordelia did to me?" At his sister's nod he continued, "She was looking through my memories…and my dreams."

The group finally realized what he was getting at. "So if she is a psychic, then she would be on the list," Aly said.

"Or she would be if the school knows about it," Christian said. Everyone looked curiously at him; he explained, "The only way she would be on that list is if the school knew what she was. For all we know, and since we didn't know of her being psychic, she's kept it a secret."

"Yeah," Adam said, "And Brandon has never mentioned anything about her being psychic, only that she's a whisperer, and he would probably be the one to know."

It was at that moment that the bell rang, everyone jumped slightly, not remembering where exactly they were. Grabbing their bags, Brett taking Kyle's, they said goodbye to Christian, and headed to homeroom.

On their way down the hall Aly remembered something, "Don't forget that we have band practice tonight, we have to make sure we're good for the weekend." Their band, 'Devils and Angels,' was pretty well known in Reigler, and they had been playing at a local club downtown. But this weekend there was a wrestling tournament in Philly and they had been asked to play at an after party. They figured that since a couple of their members were on the team, and that the group was probably gonna go to root for them, that it wouldn't hurt.

Damian and Kyle looked at each other guiltily. "Um…Aly?" Kyle started out, "We have practice tonight."

The brunette looked at him confused, "But you're usually done with practice by rehearsal time, and anyway, Kyle, you can't participate"

"Except coach wants to have a pep talk before tomorrow," Damian spoke up, "and he says that Kyle should go so as not to miss out on anything."

Aly bit her lower lip in thought and stopped so she wouldn't run into someone while she was thinking, the others followed her lead and gathered around her. Finally she sighed, "Well everyone who can come comes. We'll probably just be getting ready for tomorrow. And then we'll just fill everyone in tomorrow morning at the ranch." Aly looked at Nathan and Kyle, "We are still on for that aren't we?"

Nathan nodded, "Our folks are out of town for the day, so it's fine if everyone comes over." He looked sideways at Adam, "Is Brandon coming with?"

Adam's gaze fell to the floor and Aly answered, "We don't know, probably. He has some birds he wants to check on."

"Okay," Nate said, "Well we better split, bell's about to ring. See ya!" And with that everyone headed off to their respective rooms, the boys making sure their significant others got there safe. Aly rolled her eyes, 'Over-protective boyfriends,' she thought.

As she sat with Kyle and Dan in their homeroom a bad feeling came over her. Something was going to happen, and soon.


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