Author's Note: I would highly recommend reading the terminology below. It will help you out later in the story.


My fascination with darkness started when I was five. My Marine dad died on my fifth birthday in the line of duty. By darkness, I mean the mysterious world of midnight featuring its mystical creatures.

Once he died I could no longer go out in the daylight. It gave me horrible headaches. I became a child of the night. I was a child of darkness long before that because I am blind.

No one sees what I see. I have visions, premonitions, or dreams—whatever out want to call it. I know things before they happen sometimes. It doesn't always work out.



Angel: An unearthly creature that serves a master higher than the Trinity; a messenger, healer, and agent of a mysterious unseen force.

Casting senses: to reach out using magical and human sense so the person can become aware of their surroundings

District Twenty-Six: the precinct of Drewsville

Drewsville: the judgmental town; where the people hate anyone who is a little bit different. The citizens pick on and make fun of anyone who goes against their stereotypical model of white picket fences, pink clothing for females, and blue clothing for boys.

Healer: a person who has the talent of curing a person or creature's emotional and physical wounds.

Hunterr: a person who finds and kills any creature they find an abomination; each Hunterr has his or her own standards and was trained differently.

Seer: a witch who has premonitions, visions, and/or dreams

Stripping off powers: this happens when the Trinity finds a creature in contempt by disobeying the laws set before them. All powers are removed. It is an emotionally and physically painful process.

The Force: the magical police

The Trinity: the magical government

Untrained: The Untrained are the most powerful magical creatures the magical community has ever seen. They appear as humans. They are angels that have fallen to Earth because of bad behavior and/or they were put on a mission. Rarely the Untrained are a mixed creature. For an example, a werewolf, angel, and human combined; even vampires.

Werewolf:a person that has the ability to turn into a wolf.

Witch: a person who possesses magical ability.

Vampire: everyone hopes you know what a vampire is.


He watched the Native American, black haired girl walk down the dark street. She wore sunglasses at night, leather boots, and a leather jacket. The street was lit by one dim light and was a perfect hunting ground for vampires. He grimaced thinking about how easy of a mark she made.

A well-known fighter and vampire jumped in front of the girl. "Easy prey." He hissed. "Stay still, little girl and it won't hurt at all."

One kick and the vampire collapsed on the ground. "Holy—" He groaned not able to finish his sentence. He dematerialized retreating.

She turned and continued walking like nothing happened. Her long hair was clipped in a barrette. Wisps framed he strong Native American cheekbones. The hair reminded him of the perfect midnight.

Suddenly she took off running towards the hospital. The sirens of an ambulance sounded as it neared the hospital. "A mystery." The man breathed. Then he went back to waiting for his mark.

Too late—He had let himself become distracted. Something hit him in the back of the head and he surrendered to the unconscious kind of darkness.


"Gabriella! You got here just in time. Suit up you can help in the emergency room. We have injured coming in." Dr. Jarek Sanders greeted the blind hospital volunteer Gabriella Summers as she walked into the hospital. Dr. Sanders was about the only one who would address mysterious Gabriella and he was the only one who would talk to her as a friend.

She had a talent of reading people and knowing exactly what was wrong with a patient. It made her valuable and made the people who didn't like her tolerate her.

An hour later a handsome bleeding man stumbled into the hospital. He collapsed on the ground. Gabriella rushed towards him and Dr. Sanders helped her lift him on to a gurney.

When she touched him she envisioned his dark hair and blue eyes. He had the most amazing blue eyes. Most nurses' hearts fluttered over Doc Sanders. To Gabriella, the doctor was a brotherly friend. This guy was good looking.

Not allowing for distractions she found the real problem and moved out of the doctor's way so he could treat it. She found the man interesting. There was nothing like him she had ever run into in the boring, judgmental town of Drewsville.

At the end of his shirt the brown haired, good-looking doctor found his volunteer. For four long years, he had known the girl he hadn't been able to get her to open up.

"Would you like a ride home, Gabriella?" Dr. Sanders asked.

"I like my walks. No thanks, Dr. Sanders." She answered.

"Let me walk you home." Dr. Sanders said.

"I can take care of myself."

"I'd like to talk to you."

"I'm not very talkative, doc."

"I know. I'm still walking with you." Dr. Sanders told her. Gabriella looked for the interesting guy. He's gone. She thought as she and the doctor stepped outside.

Suddenly she was crashed into and she faded to unconsciousness.


Later at Dr. Sanders's House

"You two and you're ridiculous fighting!" Dr. Sanders exclaimed at his two friends. Delaney, a werewolf, and Justice, a vampire. "You hurt her."

They had Gabriella positioned on their sofa. She had a miserable bruise on her cheek and a deep gash on her forehead. "She's so small." The injured man, also known as Gabriella's interesting man, remarked softly.

"Caderyn, you should be resting." Dr. Sanders told the injured Hunterr.

"What's her story?" Caderyn asked.

"I don't know." Dr. Sanders answered. The good doctor was trying to not regret letting the werewolf, the vampire, and the Hunterr stay in his house. They were exhausting.

"Mmm. . ." The girl went and they all looked at her startled. She sat up and felt the sofa's fabric. A confused expression over took her face. "Uh-oh." She murmured trying to remember where she could be. None of the men moved. She heard the unfamiliar sound of their breathing. "JESSE!" She screamed.

"Who is Jesse?" Werewolf Delaney asked.

Jesse Aire was Gabriella's guide to the mystical world and her one of the few friends. Also he was the one she called for when she was upset or hurt. He was a witch, who was a Seer. He materialized in front of her.

"What, Gaby?" The sandy blonde asked calmly taking the whole situation in. He knew Delaney, Justice, Caderyn, and Dr. Sanders wouldn't harm Gabriella.

"Where am I?" Gabriella asked calmly.

He smiled. "Hopefully this little incident teaches you not to act like a fearless warrior." Jesse remarked referring to Gabriella's purposely-unnecessary dangerous risks.

"Bite me." She informed him.

"What are you fellows doing with my charming charge?" Jesse asked addressing the men.

"She ended up in the middle of a fight between Delaney and Justice." Dr. Sanders answered. "She was injured."

"Dr. Sanders?" Gabriella exclaimed.

"You two know each other then. Oh, Sanders is the doctor you volunteer with." Jesse pieced together.

This exact moment Caderyn's arch-nemesis, the most powerful vampire of the current magical world, attacked them. His name was Mace. His ice-cold hand gripped Gabriella's arm.

Gabriella was the only one who was prepared for the cruel, sadistic vampire. "What is such a beautiful girl doing with the likes of these boys?" Mace asked Gabriella.

"Mace, let her go." Caderyn ordered.

"Shut up, Hunter." Mace countered.

"Gabriella!" Jesse cried.

"Don't worry, Seer. The little Seer isn't my target. You should be more worried for yourselves." He warned. He let Gabriella go and attacked the males.

Gabriella was thrown to the ground. The guys had played baseball earlier the day so there was a baseball bat on the floor. It was a house full of guys. She picked it up and stood. She found her center, envisioned where everyone was, and then she struck Mace out. Homerun!

Mace was up in a flash. No homerun! Uh-oh. He and Gabriella were gone before the men could move. Mace transported them out of the room to his place. She found herself in a strange place of true darkness in the heart. She gasped for air. It felt as if her lungs were closing in. the feeling was like drowning.

"Calm, girl. You aren't going to die. At least not yet." Mace ordered. She didn't listen to him. She couldn't breathe.

Impatiently the vampire placed his hands on her chest and willed her lungs to function. "There, little one." He murmured as she began to breath normally. She flinched away from him frightened.

"I'm no use to you, sir. Please just let me go home." Gabriella whispered. She was trying to put on the meek and mild act so he would let her go.

"You are use to me. You are the bait and you will be my entertainment until I say otherwise." He announced.

Entertainment—Gabriella did not like the sound of that word. "You are mine. If you are disobedient I shall have to punish you. Punishment will not be gentle." He informed.

"I don't belong to you!" Gabriella cried.

"What is you name, child?" The vampire asked unaffected by her tantrum.

"Gabriella." She whispered.

"The last name." He ordered.


He was silent for five minutes if contemplating something. "Do you realize who I am, Gabriella? I am the most powerful vampire. I am notorious for my cruelty. I am not kind. I have killed more people than you're even known. I'm a serial killer."

"I do not take an easy on little girls. I definitely do not tolerate disobedience. I will and kill you. You should be scared of me. Terrified." He informed her.

"Rwr." She said sarcastically. "You have to brag too much. You aren't scary. You aren't frightening. You are just a big bully. All show and no go."

"If you were such a killer you would have murdered me by now. You are nothing more than a vampire who is trying to be a big man on campus." She continued.

She laughed at him.

"Ooh, I'm so scared, Mommy, the big, mean vampire is making threats." She remarked with complete sarcasm. "Good luck with that act, buddy. I mean if it doesn't work on a teenaged girl . . ."

He stared at her with his mouth open. "Watch out for flies." She advised. His mouth snapped shut. The poor vampire was actually revered by the whole magical community, but a little girl wasn't afraid of him.

"Can't you see?" He whispered.

"I'm blind." She snorted.

He seized her hand and forced her to touch his rough, scarred cheek. It had deep ridges. The wound felt ugly.

The scar caused the vampire lost of pain. Gabriella could tell with her empathetic power. He was trying very hard to block her. With one touch she knew what he was trying to hide.

The ugly feeling wound fascinated her. How did he get it? Who got that close to give it to him? Why did it repulse him?

Gabriella's fascination with darkness strikes again.