Chapter Nine: Twist

Caderyn found her and picked her up amongst the rain. It was pelting down. She was half conscious and shivering like crazy. He hugged her across his chest.

She was carted to his ocean side house where he got her barely awake body into new clothes. "Mmm . . . funny. I always pictured you as fire elemental." She remarked sleepily about his element. She knew if he had been of the element fire he wouldn't had picked a house near the ocean.

"Nope. I'm water. What are you?"

"A bit of everything. Even with all the time Walker and I have spent investigating my abilities we never found that out." She answered.

"Did love him?" He asked.


"No, Walker."

"At one time I thought I could. I also thought I could love Chase, but that didn't happen. Luckily. Oh, God." She said as she thrashed her head a bit. "Chase."

"Chase has been dead for awhile." Caderyn reassured as he stroked her hair. "It's okay, sweetie. It's okay."

"Hmm . . ." She whispered as she fell to sleep. He took the chair and sat there watching her vigilantly. She made a different noise when she woke up—a whimper. He knew she was having a nightmare.

Gabriella came straight to his arms. Then he kissed her forehead. That's when she awaken to stare at him. "Er! Not you." Gabriella stated. "You don't like me. You can't like me. Okay? I don't like you."

"Do you still like Walker?"

She snorted. "Walker. No. I don't like anyone. I'm not attempting to fall in love again." She stated.


"Can I have a second chance?" Walker asked Gaby in front of everyone an hour later when they were gathered at a meeting. Gaby couldn't believe his audacity of asking her in the first place. Let alone asking her in front of everyone!

"No. Walker, if you didn't realize it before. I gave you a second chance. I didn't date anyone for three months in hopes you would realize your work at the Trinity wasn't worth giving up a shot at love. Instead you brought a bunch of bimbos in and made sure I could hear everything! I gave you time. You already had your second chance. I'm sick of second chances. It really wasn't even much of a choice for you. Then afterwards you realized. That revealed it all. You don't really care about me, okay? You just miss what you thought you had. Don't expect me to just be like 'sure'. I'm no angel!" She exclaimed.

"You're the future Queen that's going to bring peace to the whole world." Shiloh said. They all nodded in agreement. Gaby looked at all of them.

"No, she's not." Mace stated while leaning against the wall.

She laughed. "Me? The Queen? Not happening. You see I'm a fallen angel. That doesn't happen to me. I've been protecting you idiots long enough. Can't you connect a few dots? Let's start back the beginning. Okay, I've been keeping you alive for so long so why can't all of you just put the story together? You don't even need to see into the future. Pool everyone's brain cells together or better yet ask the evilest vampire you can find considering he's right in the room.

I don't know how good has survived so long with idiots like you running around in its name. I'll explain something first. Throw away any ideas you had about angelic Gaby because she's gone. When an angel falls they don't care anymore. Higher Powers, did you hear that? I don't care anymore. I'm going to tell them everything because you're wrong. They won't figure out who the Queen is without a lot of assistance. I would know considering I've been hanging around them all this years.

Back to the story. Here's obvious hint that I'm going to get killed for: why would I jump into a burning house to save a family of dark magic witches?"

"Savannah is the Queen?" Caderyn asked.

"A prize for the smartest village idiot!" Gaby exclaimed.

"I can't be!" Savannah exclaimed.

"Oh, yes. You are. Have fun with that responsibility. Be ready to be betrayed by all you hold dearest. Be ready to question everything you have learned. Be ready to work your butt off. Be ready to grow up. Enjoy the tears, blood, and sweat because you're going to have to live with them. My story is over. Yours starts now."

"Am I just supposed to suddenly know what to do?"

"Heck, no! It's not that easy. You learn as you go. Live life, Savannah. You can only do so much. Try your hardest. Oh, and good luck." Gaby kissed her on the cheek. "You're going to need every bit of it you can get."

"Where are you going?"

"My mission is over. I'm going to go be human. It should be fun." Gaby remarked.

"You can't leave me!"

"I can't stay. They'll kill me."

"I need guidance."

"The only guidance you need is in your heart. Just look into it."

"You're kidding."

"Just do it and then the world will know peace." She advised.

And the world did—just as the prophecy foretold. There was nothing very exciting about it. Gaby finally got her wish to be normal. She lived out a peaceful life.

There is no more story to tell because peace is a boring thing.