"I'm afraid," you say

I laugh

Love may hurt you

But it will never kill you

Temporary damage is what it does

People say time heals hearts

And that's all you need


"It still stings!" you cry

Well didn't you know?

Time can only heal so much

Temporary damage

Turns into permanent

And when Time's done

All that it can

There are still fragments

Of your heart



"Please help me!" you shout

Don't you know that I can't?

I'm great at keeping secrets you see

And to try and mend your heart

Would surely be a sin


"Don't you love me?" you ask

Of course darling

Of course…

But, along with that love

Runs hate

I suppose there is one secret

That I shall share with you


To see one suffering brings

Pleasure to my soul

Didn't you know?

Oh darling…

Do not weep


"It hurts," you whimper

Oh, but not for long

For soon enough,

The pain will be gone

When a hearts broken

And ones suffering

You will become numb

And then you'll be so happy

That you don't feel anymore


Are you smiling? Yes?

I daresay it's happening now…

Has your heart turned cold yet?


Oh, darling. That's great

But soon, you will

Become lonely

Your cold heart that was once a gift

Will turn into a curse

And you'll do anything to

Feel again…


I daresay it's happening now!

Oh, yes darling do it.


And remember:

Go down the street, not across…