The gashes on my
Sun burnt lips only
Worsen with sticky
Drips of black blood
Running from the
Crooked corner of
My shattered mouth

Moist is my tongue
But it is so broken
I can't speak except
In the language of
Wind chimes and
White noise because
Chaos has always loved
Sharp edges (my taste
buds have always been
too giggly)

White nail polish hiding
Dirty memories that
Plague my fingertips
When I stroke them
Across my swollen eyelids
Nearly wishing myself
Into an oblivion of
Being with you again

I think I just shot myself
Up into the galaxies of
Dark ribbons that engulf
Your body until each
Cell of you pulses to the
Rhythm of space but never
Time because you killed
That annoying, picking state
Of mental (un)health we
Strap onto our wrists like
We could stop the sun if we
Really wanted to

This destruction of unbeautiful
Moments was created
From laughing in between kisses
Liquid hands sliding into
Denim pockets forgetting who
We are supposed to be
(I still don't know why
lies taste so good when
they fall off your lips)

Everything I write always
Ends up being all about y o u
As if someone's piano hand
Is digging into mine forcing
Words I hate to love in
Ink that looks a lot like
A massacre across the oceans
Sentences dripdropping
An aroma of seaweed pleasingly
Salty green scarves choking
My exposed newly scathed neck

And I'm beginning to think this all began
The night you broke the stars