Last night I sat around drinking Bacardi and getting high, talking about how Kurt Cobain was to pure (or tragically cracked) for this world

Laughing about how in ten years time we will all be 'two-kids-with-a-beach-house-and-a-dog' perfection.

Working in offices grumbling as we spill coffee down our shirts like its just another day in suburbia waiting for our lunch break, not remembering once upon a time we were young and so beautifully b.r.o.k.e.n

We d a n c e d to Jimii Hendrix

Screaming fuck you to education

Making up pretend promises that we will work at burger king for the rest of our lives as a silent screw you to the nation

...But we'll be studying for tests by Friday (but that's beside the point)

I breathe in life and out death and we talk about how each second we are dying

Laughing between the t.e.a.r.s. I say "if I ever get old, kill me"

And we laugh so hard it hurts and someone pulls out a bottle of whiskey.

I talk in q.u.o.t.a.t.i.o.n.s. and colour my nails in with sharpie

I draw ball point pen confusion all over my legs

and dot my toes with misshapen hearts (one for all of us)

And then I stumble home,

S t a r i n g at the stars and swinging on lamp posts because I wanted to

It all made sense again, living in the fairytales I read when I was nine.

Reciting Shakespeare all-the-way-to never never land

But all I was thinking about was how you kissed me and said,

"I'll see you on Monday"