Do You Still Remember

Shiera Abdon

DISCLAIMER: "It is You (I have Loved all Along)" © Dana Glover and Shrek. "Where Have you Gone?" © Lisbeth Scott, Narnia Soundtrack, & Disney/Disney Records. "Descent of the Archangel" © Kamelot and their respective record labels. "1000 Words" © Jade from Sweetbox & Square Enix. "Some Dreams" © NSYNC and Jive Records

(AN: Ok so here's the deal, this is a one shot because if I try to make it anymore I won't be able to finish it…too many things going on with my life such as school and work, and I've yet to balance them out with friends too. It might be confusing, so you can ask if you want to, about anything confusing.

Warning: Yaoi M/M reference)

His eyes were uncomprehending.

Funny how, he of all people, didn't know I was here all along

It is you I have loved all along…

I never really seemed to have left. And Majestii of New Mexico is now Madji from the Trail. How ironic. When I looked at him before, he was like the sun. Now I look at him, and he's dimmer than all the stars. It used to be love.

Now it's hate.

Where have you gone my feather light heart…?

It's never happened before, but being trapped in a cave with him made my skin crawl bitterly. I gathered the sticks and he made the fire.

Then silence.

He looked at me, gray eyes searching. I knew he was trying to find what made me seem so familiar to him in the first place.

Finally, I spoke and the words that came out were harsh and angry. "Revenge is a dish best served cold, don't you think?"

Connor blinked clearly surprised.

"Speak my friend you look surprised,

I thought you knew I'd come disguised"


"Do you not think so," I asked.

"What're you talking about," he asked, clearly confused, "You're not making any sense."

I didn't speak for a little while, my eyes drifting across the gray stone that surrounded us here. When I finally did, I asked: "Do you remember what she looked like?"

"Did who look like?"

I paused, and then sneered out, "Your mother."

Though a thousand words

Have never been spoken

They'll fly to you

Crossing over the time

And distance holding you

It happened all at once: pain and anger clouded his eyes, numbed all his senses, and heightened the focus. "What do you know of my mother?"

"Answer my question."


I raised a brow, "you don't remember her face then?"

Some dreams just fade away
Like yesterday's sunset

"Who're you to judge me!? You don't even know me! My mother died over a hundred years ago. What will it have mattered if I remember what she looked like? What do you know of my mom? Tell me now! "

Emotions ride so far so deep

Now baby cry your eyes asleep

I could feel a cold calm take over me, and the fire flickered and almost went out, but then cam back to life. Calmly I told him what his mother told to me.

"Punishment for the unjust will be rewarded."