Summary: For the past four years every Valentine's Day Tuesday gets a rose. She just assumes it's from one of her brothers because she has never been asked on a date let alone kissed someone but this V-Day things are different starting 30 days before, thanks to the mysterious Alistair.

CHAPTER ONE: Four Boys vs. One Girl

33 Days Before: Jan. 12th

Every day Tuesday woke up at sixty thirty so that she could get to school on time. Why did she have to wake up two and a half hours before hand? Well she asked herself that same question every morning as she fought to stay awake.

She could get an extra hour of sleep if she didn't have to drag her brothers out of bed. She could get an extra hour of sleep if she then didn't have to fight for the bathroom. She could get an extra hour of sleep if she didn't have to make sure her brothers hadn't fallen back asleep. It was a continuous cycle in which Tuesday was stuck in.

She was not a morning person and this showed through her attempts to wake up her four sleeping brothers. First she would waltz over to Ripley's room with a metal cookie sheet in one hand and a spatula in the other. Turning on the light; Tuesday would take the utensil and with all her might bang it to the cookie sheet. Ripley would then jolt awake like he was being shot at and turn dark blue eyes up to glare at Tuesday while running a hand through shoulder length brown hair.

"Time for school nerdy beanpole," Tuesday would shout in a false tone of enthusiasm. Tuesday didn't feel that her statement was insulting since Lee (her nickname for Ripley) did go to FTI further known as Frazer Tech Institute and he was tall and thin.

Then would then quickly proceed to her brother's Adrian's room down the hall; repeating the process. Adrian on the other hand would always roll over and throw curses at Tuesday instead of complying. So Tuesday would be forced to jump on his muscled back and ruffle his dark blond shaggy hair. Adrian would try his best to ignore his sister but always failed. Then as Ripley had done, but ten times more evilly Adrian would peek open his green eyes (the same color as Tuesday's) and glare at her.

"That's right younger brother! Time for Laurel High HELL!" Tuesday would say.

"You're not even a year older so shut it wench," Adrian would shout as Tuesday left the room. Although it was true, Tuesday was born in January and Adrian in November, Tuesday loved the fact that someone in the family wasn't older than her. She would hold those eleven months over his head with glee. After dealing with Adrian she'd head to Gabe's room and once again repeat the process of the spatula hitting the cookie sheet. Gabe would simply grunt and stand up to stretch his overly large muscles.

"Rise and shine He-man!" Tuesday wasn't joking when she called Gabe He-Man. Okay maybe she was lying tiny bit but he was blond like He-man. Unlike her other brothers Gabe keep his hair cut neatly with the sides short and the top long.

"I have to work until eight again tonight do you think you cook tonight," Gabe asked Tuesday, his blue eyes meeting her green ones.

"Sure thing He-man."

"Don't ca…" Gabe said but Tuesday was already out the door heading downstairs to the basement. No they didn't keep a half-crazed fish head eating monster brother in there. Instead Sebastian, the middle child, was snoring away. Although in Tuesday's opinion he was kind of crazy, Sebastian didn't eat fish heads being a vegetarian in all which to Tuesday was worse than fish heads. How could someone not eat meat Tuesday thought. The absurdity of Sebastian's eating habits actually came up in Tuesday thoughts a lot. What could she say, she loved chicken, beef, and fish; hell she was just meat love struck. (Yeah maybe I should delete this part it's kind of creepy…oh well I'm too lazy.) Sebastian wasn't a monster either. Like Tuesday he had dark Mahogany hair which he kept like Gabe's but without the shorten sides. He also shared Tuesday's eyes.

For reasons probably associated with Sebastian's veggie love Tuesday would bang the cookie sheet next the Sebastian's ear. Her bother would wake up very annoyed and then despite her everyday attempts to escape tickle her until Tuesday cried. After her last brother was awake Tuesday would climb back upstairs one last time to Adrian's room where he had already fallen back asleep and attack him.

The shower would already be occupied with someone much to Tuesday's anger so she would go pick out her daily outfit for school and wait to shower. Eventually Tuesday and her brothers would make it downstairs with thirty minutes left before they had to be at their respective places. Ten minutes would generally be spent eating before that went to leave the house.

Most people are probably wondering why there hasn't been any mention of parents. The thing is that their Mother and Father both died in a car accident two years ago. That left five orphans with not only a sizable amount of life insurance money but also broken hearts. Gabe being only twenty at the time took over the responsibility of looking after his younger siblings. He requested lower college hours and got a job at a local doctor's office involving paperwork. Over time the four brothers and their sister had managed to put their lives back together and form a household. They still had problems here or there but by helping each other out they got through them. They used the life insurance money to pay the bills and expenses of eating.

Sitting at the breakfast table Tuesday glanced at her brothers and asked, "So what are you guys getting me for my birthday?"

All four boys just shook their heads at their curious sister. Every year Tuesday bugged them about what they'd be getting her and when they would not tell her she would hunt for receipts which they knew by now to throw away. It was only eight days away but they still had yet to get her present yet. They knew what they were going to get her but it couldn't be gotten until the day before. The family being tight on my money always gave one combined gift of less than two hundred dollars and on Christmas they did Secret Santa. None of them cared because one present was good enough.

Tuesday didn't know what to expect. She knew that she'd love her present either way. Tuesday didn't just look forward to her birthday because she got a present from her brothers but also because of him. Tuesday didn't know who "him" was but every year for the past four she got a present from "him" on her birthday and a perfect red rose on Valentine's Day. The card always just said the same message:

Dear Tuesday,

I just want you to know I'm thinking about you today.

Love always,


It had taken her three of those for years to realize that the presents and the roses didn't come from her brothers. They had gotten too upset over them last year. They didn't approve of her secret admirer whom they'd refer to as a stalker who could potentially be harmful. Since the card read S.A. Tuesday always assumes it is short for Secret Admirer. There was one reason it took Tuesday so long to realize it wasn't her brothers. She had never once been asked out or kissed for that matter.

Tuesday thought it was because she was unattractive despite what her brothers told her. The real reason, although Tuesday didn't know it, was because of her four brothers. Sebastian and Adrian both attended Laurel High School with Tuesday and none of the other boys wanted to face the over protective two. The pair were both muscular and had quick tempers when it came to their sister. The other kids had also seen Gabe, who acted as the three's guardian and he was huge. There wasn't a large amount of boys who had been lured by Tuesday's quirky personally but there had been enough of them to give Tuesday an introduction into the dating world. Tuesday was cute by most standards rather than pretty or beautiful. Her facial features are what made her cute. From her doe eyes to her heart shaped face. Her body was not the typical ideal but instead was soft and curvy. Tuesday was no stranger to breast and hips.

Pulling from her thoughts Tuesday followed Sebastian and Adrian out the door after saying goodbye to other two brothers. On the way to school it was the typical fight over stereo control and other trivial matters.

"No rap Adrian! I want to listen to actual music." Tuesday replied putting on some eye shadow.

"I have shotgun so I choose. I don't feel like listening to Bush, Tuesday. That band is something you get over in seventh grade."

"Adrian at least Bush has you know substance unlike the crap poetry of your rap songs."

"How about we aren't going to listen to anything since I driving and I don't want to listen to either one," Sebastian cut in. Both Adrian and Tuesday shut up knowing they couldn't argue.


They arrived at school with little time left. The three siblings exited the vehicle going their separate ways. Tuesday hurried inside to meet up with her best friend Lily who had a look of exasperation on her beautiful face. Lily was a sassy brown eyed blond who resented her best friend for leaving her standing so long in the hall.

"Finally Tuesday!"

"Sorry, you know my brothers they're so selfish sometimes," Tuesday replied walking with Lily towareds her first period.

"But Sebastian's so sweet and hot! They aren't that bad."

"Sebastian is about as sweet as a head of broccoli Lilly. Your hormones are blinding you. " With those words the Tuesday entered her Chemistry classroom.


THE STYLE CHANGES IN THE NEXT CHAPTER----------------It switches from Third Person to First Person Tuesday being the holder of that view

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