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CHAPTER 21 Recovery





In the last twenty-four hours I had become a slave to anxiety. I spent most of my time talking to Tuesday as she laid on the hospital bed. The other times I went into Lily's room checking to see if she had gotten any better. Nate was the luckiest of the three; sent home to rest after his cut was stitched up. Tuesday's brothers were taking shifts at the hospital in groups of two. Right now Gabe and Sebastian were here. I felt bad for her brothers who had to go through this again. Sebastian was the worst off though. Two people he loved dearly were on the line. He was in Lily's room right now probably doing exactly what I was doing.

I held Tuesday's hand as I brushed my left hand upon her face. Her skin was clammy and her face drawn with a slight purplish tint to it. Even though the Doctor said she would recover I still couldn't surpass the clinching of my gut. Tuesday looked too fragile and she was so silent. The silence bothered me more than anything. I was so use to her smiling and bickering at me.

Lily had to go through surgery as soon as she was brought in. A piece of metal had been embedded in her side. It had missed damaging any vital organs so the doctors were hopeful. She was still in critical condition though. I dreaded the moment Tuesday woke up and I'd have to tell her about her best friend. I wish I could kill the son of a bitch who hit them. Apparently, according to the police officer, a man by the name of Gregory Hershel thought he was okay enough to drive after he took a hit of crack. As the drug took a deeper affect he started spasming and lost control of his vehicle subsequently hitting Nate's passenger side and sending the car into a ditch. Police had taken him into custody after seeing to his minor scrapes. Son of a bitch.

"Wake up baby. If you don't you can't see all the gifts people got you," I whispered squeezing her hand. I would have said more but Gabe walked in.

"Any change?"

"None yet," I replied letting go of her hand. Gabe came to sit of the other side of Tuesday.

"Alistair thanks for staying up here. I know Tuesday would appreciate it but I think you should at least take a breather. You've been up for God knows how long. Tuesday and Lily will understand if you went home to get some sleep. "

"I just don't want her to have to wake up alone. I know she hates hospitals ever since…well you know. I'll have plenty of time to sleep once Lily and Tuesday are awake. Until then I'll force myself to stay awake. I think I'm going to get some coffee though, because sleep depravation is starting to wear on me. Besides I get to skip school," I falsely joked walking from the room.

Before I headed to the Cafeteria I approached Lily's room. The door was ajar so I peeked inside. Sebastian was indeed inside speaking softly to Lily. I didn't want to disturb him. I wasn't all together shocked when Sebastian told me his feelings for his sister's friend in his room. I saw him looking at her in that slip dress the previous night. I also knew that my old friend was having trouble deciding whether or not it was lust or pure intention on his part. Looking at Sebastian in the hospital room told me that my friend had true feelings for Lily. The idea that both of them could find happiest in each made me smile. Both heartbreakers had met their match.




I let out a soft moan as I tried to clear the foggy feeling in my head. I could feel my own body's weakness as I blinked open my eyes. I winced at my hazy vision and attempted to adjust my eyes to the dim lighting. As soon as my eyes cleared I took in the site of the two sleeping boys. Gabe was lounged in a chair under the TV sleeping with his head rolled back. Alistair sat beside me snoring lightly with his head rested on my upper leg. His hands drawn up beside his face.

The blinds on the window to my left were slightly cracked and I could tell that it was night time. How long have I been here? Ugh I feel like total shit. It took a while for me to gather the effort to lift my hand and poke Alistair in the temple. He just snuggled closer to my leg. I poked him repeatedly until he finally cracked open his eyes. It seemed to take him a few seconds to realize that I was awake. When he did Alistair popped up.

"YOU'RE AWAKE!" He cried out. Alistair's cry not only ruptured my poor ear drum but woke up Gabe. Both of them immediately crowded beside me. Gabe leaned down and brushed a kiss on my forehead.

"Hey, sis! I'm so glad that you're finally awake. Are you okay? Do you need some water? Everyone will be excited to know your awake; I guess I better call them. Adrian is grumpy because no one has been around to yell at him," Gabe said pulling out his cell phone not giving me a chance to answer. Finally awake? How long have I been out?

"Alistair how long have I been here? What exactly happened? I remember the wreck but it was sort of hazy. Are Lily and Nate okay?" I rambled asking Alistair who seemed to be avoiding my eyes.

"Well you've been out for about day and a half. A drugged out guy lost control of his car and hit Nate's car. You guys ended up in a ditch and someone called the police and paramedics. All three of you were rushed here. Gabe got a call and pulled your brothers out of class. I got here as soon as I heard. They siad you had a concussion and they had to stitch up a few wounds. Nate only got stitches. Lily…well Lily got hurt pretty badly Tuesday. She's in critical. The doctors say she'll heal but it'll take sometime. She still unconscious. A piece of metal got stuck in her side and caused a lot of blood loss." Alistair told me sitting beside me.

Tears rushed up into my eyes. Lily was hurt…I felt a loss of words. Lily was the one who made things better and knew what to say. I let the tears fall as fear for my best friend ate at my heart.

"Will she be okay, really? I want to see her," I said which really came out as a struggled sob. Alistair smiled at me; the pity clear in his eyes. He placed his hand on my head.

"I'll take you to her once you're released Tuesday. She is alright. The doctors have given her lots of meds and a blood transfusion. Believe it or not you actually look crappier than her," Alistair said with a smirk. I sniffled and lightly hit his chest.


"I'm not joking you look like a Zombie," He insisted although his grin said otherwise. I pulled my head from his hand and glared. Sighing I laid my head back on the shitty hospital pillow. Seriously they suck.

"Thanks Alistair. For staying here and all. I know you probably would prefer lounging at home in your boxers watching the OC or something," I said turning my head to the side. He was denying the statement as Gabe walked through the door with Sebastian. Seb ran to my side and lightly hugged me. I was happy to see Sebastain. He pretty much assaulted me with questions as soon as he coud.


"What's with all the stuff?" I asked peering at the pile of what looked to be cards and flowers on the counter. Alistair smiled and walked over to it. Gabe and Seb when to get me a candy bar and coffee for themselves. Alistair had been keeping me company in the meantime.

"They are get well soon gifts from your friends and brothers," he replied. Alistair preceded to lift the up one by one explaining who they were from and reading aloud any notes. I couldn't keep the smile off my face as he showed me each one. My smile faltered when I saw him lift up a certain type of note.

"This came with a bunch of um Moonshadow flowers, I think they are, and this red balloon. The note says," Alistair said lifting up the gifts as he read.

Dear Tuesday,

I just want you to know that I'm thinking about you today. I can never describe the feeling of pain that I felt upon discovering that you had been hurt. The idea that I might never again see those things I love the most in the world like your smile and your frown was devastating. I love the fact that you are so full of life Tuesday.

Will you ever?

I don't think you will
ever fully understand
how you've touched my life
and made me who I am.

I don't think you could ever know
just how truly special you are
that even on the darkest nights
you are my brightest star.

I don't think you will ever fully comprehend
how you've made my dreams come true
or how you've opened my heart
to love and the wonders it can do.

You've allowed me to experience
something very hard to find
unconditional love that exists
in my body, soul, and mind.

I don't think you could ever feel
all the love I have to give
and I'm sure you'll never realize
you've been my will to live.

You are an amazing person
and without you I don't know where I'd be.
Having you in my life
completes and fulfills every part of me.

- Written by Erica -

P.S. Get Better Soon

Love Always,


"Looks like you have a secret admirer Tuesday," Alistair said to me as he wiggled his eyebrows. I laughed at him and rolled my eyes. It made me feel better knowing that S.A. was worried about me enough that he came up to the hospital to give me today's note. Alistair was cut off from his probing question by the doctor coming in. The doctor was a balding forty something year old man who wore a reassuring smile.

"I heard you were up Miss Lotter. It's nice to meet you finally. I'm Dr. Reynolds."

"Hello Doctor."

"Well, let's check your vitals shall we," he said walking up and looking of the machines. Dr. Reynolds preceded to ask me a few questions such as "do you feel dizzy?" and "does your head hurt?" After he was satisfied he rose up a filled out some sort of form on a clipboard.

"Well you seem to be doing well. If your condition continues looking good you may be able to leave tomorrow. So I suggest getting a good amount of rest tonight," he said looking at Alistair before leaving. YES! Lily! Home! Junk Food! My mind screamed.

Gabe and Sebastian came back with a candy bar for me. I gobbled it up soaking in the delicious sugar. I wanted to talk some more with them to get my mind off of Lily but they forced me to go to sleep.


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