David swung his video camera around and around searching for something interesting, finally resting on shoving it up Matthew's nose. His large hand pushed it away roughly.

"You're an idiot." Matthew scoffed. David laughed wildly, enjoying his annoying behaviour.

"I'm bored man, give me something to do." He whined.

"How can you be bored when you're so drunk?" Aaron chimed. The dark night enveloped the boys as they stumbled roughly away from their campus pub back to their dorm. Alex fell roughly into an innocent sapling, attempting to grow with no success. David swung his camera around again, aiming for the Blair Witch Project effect.

"You're making me sick just watching you." Aaron complained as he bent over holding his stomach. Matthew stumbled back onto a bench and laughed.

"Don't hurl on me." Matthew held his hands out in front of him. He had worn his new green A&F shirt that night and was overly protective of it. He had hoped he wouldn't be stumbling home with these fools, and although he was usually successful, the honey he was eying ended the night by spewing her dinner on his three hundred dollar trainers. No cup size could make up for stomach acids on shoes.

"I'm bored." David whined again, plopping his chubby body down beside Matthew. He poked him on his shoulder. "Bored." He repeated, his thick lips spreading further across his face revealing a black speck of food between his two front teeth.

"You need a lady." Matthew patted his less than average looking friend on the shoulder and slid his spinning head and body further down on the uncomfortable park bench. Aaron grabbed David's camera and began recording the two slim blondes sauntering in front of the group of hormone raged young men. Alex whistled loudly as Aaron mumbled something inaudible to himself. Matthew covered his face with his hands and groaned.

"You three are a bunch of pathetic virgins." Matthew grumbled. David punched Matthew roughly in the stomach.

"You're as much of a virgin as me." David groaned. All the guys knew this was a blatant lie. "I bet," David stuttered. "I bet you couldn't get in any girls panties." Matthew grunted loudly and slid even further down on the bench.

"And I bet all you do is get into your own." Matthew retorted. A small laugh erupted in the group. A cold fall wind whipped through the air as they sat silently, all their heads spinning and ears ringing from the pub they had visited earlier.

The echoing of a soft voice groaning caught all of the boys' attention, including Matthew. He quickly turned in the direction of the sound; it was only Rayne Johnson. The stuck up nerdy bitch that was in all the same masters classes as he was.

"I bet you couldn't get her." David whispered.

"Who would want to get her?" Alex grumbled.

"I bet you five hundred dollars, Matthew Braun, you couldn't get her in the sack by April." David continued. Matthew hesitated. He had always been extremely competitive and had never backed down from a bet before. Especially not a bet for money.

"Where are you going to get five hundred dollars from, broke ass?"

"Don't you worry about that," David's words were more slurred than they had been only moments earlier. "You just worry about how you're going to get her between the sheets."

"Five hundred dollars?" Matthew raised his eyebrows; he was certainly interested. He turned back to Rayne. What was she doing out this late on a Saturday night anyway? With her arms full of books no less. She probably just came from a late night of studying at the library. That was all the girl ever did. She didn't have one friend in the entire university.

"So?" David pressed, the other boys now intently staring at Matthew. He knew they all admired him; he was a daredevil and a charmer. In their eyes, most women didn't stand a chance. But Rayne Johnson certainly wasn't most women. It's not like she was entirely unfortunate looking, actually she was quite attractive. But that look of constant constipation on her face wasn't exactly a turn on for most guys.

"You got it." A small smile grew across Matthew's thin strong lips, accentuating his wide thick jaw line. He stuck out his large hand and grabbed David's small pudgy one. "I'll get her in the sack, and I'll up you one. By February." The boys laughed roughly as Matthew focused his dark green eyes on the tall slim figure struggling along the cold campus walk. This was going to be an interesting year.